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Subject: "So North Korea is "safe" now....." This topic is locked.
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Thu Feb-10-05 06:58 AM

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"So North Korea is "safe" now....."



North Korea admits having nuclear weapons
A South Korean soldier patrols Thursday in Paju, near the demilitarized zone north of Seoul. Lee Jin-man/AP
Photo: Lee Jin-man/AP
A South Korean soldier patrols Thursday in Paju, near the demilitarized zone north of Seoul.
Associated Press
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In depth
North Korea

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Seoul — North Korea on Thursday announced publicly for the first time that it has nuclear weapons and rejected moves to restart disarmament talks any time soon, saying it needs the weapons as protection against an increasingly hostile United States.

The communist state's pronouncement dramatically raised the stakes in the two-year-old nuclear confrontation and posed a grave challenge to U.S. President George W. Bush, who started his second term with a vow to end North Korea's nuclear program through six-nation talks.

“We ... have manufactured nukes for self-defense to cope with the Bush administration's ever more undisguised policy to isolate and stifle the ,” the North Korean Foreign Ministry said in a statement carried by the state-run Korean Central News Agency.

The claim could not be independently verified. North Korea expelled the last UN nuclear monitors in late 2002 and has never tested a nuclear bomb, although international officials have long suspected it has one or two nuclear bombs and enough fuel for several more.

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Washington would consult allies before responding.

“I think we just have to first look at the statement and then we need to talk with our allies,” she told Dutch RTL television while on a trip through Europe.

“The North Koreans have no reason to believe that anyone wants to attack them,” she added. “They have been told they can have multilateral security assurances if they will make the important decision to give up their nuclear weapons program. So there is really no reason for this, but we will examine where we go next.”

Previously, North Korea had reportedly told U.S. negotiators in private talks that it had nuclear weapons and might test one of them. The North's UN envoy said last year that the country had “weaponized” plutonium from its pool of 8,000 nuclear spent fuel rods. Those rods contained enough plutonium for several bombs.

But Thursday's statement was North Korea's first public acknowledgment that it has nuclear weapons.

North Korea's “nuclear weapons will remain nuclear deterrent for self-defence under any circumstances,” the ministry said. It said that what it considers Washington's attempts to topple the North's regime “compels us to take a measure to bolster its nuclear weapons arsenal in order to protect the ideology, system, freedom and democracy chosen by its people.”

Since 2003, the United States, the two Koreas, China, Japan and Russia have held three rounds of talks in Beijing aimed at persuading the North to abandon nuclear weapons development in return for economic and diplomatic rewards. No significant progress has been made.

A fourth round scheduled for last September was cancelled when North Korea refused to attend, citing what it called a “hostile” U.S. policy.

In recent weeks, hopes had risen that North Korea might return to the six-nation talks, especially after Mr. Bush refrained from any direct criticism of North Korea when he started his second term last month.

On Thursday, North Korea said it decided not to rejoin such talks any time soon after studying Mr. Bush's inaugural and State of the Union speeches and after Ms. Rice labelled North Korea one of the “outposts of tyranny.”

The nuclear crisis erupted in October 2002 when U.S. officials accused North Korea of running a secret uranium-enrichment program in violation of international treaties. Washington and its allies cut off free fuel oil shipments for the impoverished country under a 1994 deal with the United States.

North Korea retaliated by quitting the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty in early 2003 and restarting its plutonium-based nuclear weapons program, which had been frozen under the 1994 agreement.

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So North Korea is "safe" now..... [View all] , Allah, Thu Feb-10-05 06:58 AM
Subject Author Message Date ID
Good for North Korea
Feb 10th 2005
yay, North Korea can keep starving its own people to death!
Feb 10th 2005
we have people starving here
Feb 10th 2005
      we have hundreds of thousands of people starving to death here?
Feb 10th 2005
           a divided korea is a result of european imperialism
Feb 11th 2005
                youve got to be kidding me
Feb 11th 2005
                well he's partially right
Feb 11th 2005
                     he's more than partially right
Feb 12th 2005
                you forgot about Japanese imperialism
Feb 11th 2005
Feb 11th 2005
                     you say that like starvation is their national policy
Feb 14th 2005
                          you say that like it's not
Feb 14th 2005
Feb 10th 2005
      typical hypocrite
Feb 10th 2005
           so what about South Korea and Japan?
Feb 10th 2005
                i'm going to ask a simple question again
Feb 11th 2005
                it's a stupid question
Feb 11th 2005
                     this some racist repugnant shit
Feb 13th 2005
                          no dumbass
Feb 13th 2005
Feb 13th 2005
Feb 13th 2005
                                    here's a hint:
Feb 14th 2005
                                    RE: dude
Feb 14th 2005
                                         RE: dude
Feb 14th 2005
                                              RE: dude
Feb 14th 2005
                RE: so what about South Korea and Japan?
Feb 13th 2005
                     why don't you go hand out guns on the corner while you're at it
Feb 14th 2005
Only Brown people can't have nukes...
Feb 10th 2005
China, India, Pakistan n/m
Feb 10th 2005
      RE: China, India, Pakistan n/m
Feb 10th 2005
           RE: China, India, Pakistan n/m
Feb 11th 2005
                who determines what a 'stable' government is?
Feb 14th 2005
                     you're seriously comparing the stability of the US to Pakistan?
Feb 14th 2005
so...who do we REALLY thank here...the French?
Feb 10th 2005
fuck the French
Feb 11th 2005
Funny how the only nation to use Nuclear weapons
Feb 11th 2005
You my friend have an excellent point
Feb 11th 2005
      lmao, u liberals cease to amaze me
Feb 11th 2005
Feb 11th 2005
           well tie me up and call me sally
Feb 11th 2005
                you sound so fuckin pathetic with your hypocrisy
Feb 11th 2005
                     and you sound so fucking pathetic because you are
Feb 11th 2005
Feb 11th 2005
                               RE: simple
Feb 13th 2005
                                    why the three k's?
Feb 14th 2005
                                         it was a joke
Feb 14th 2005
Feb 11th 2005
I'm not saying it's right,
Feb 11th 2005
a little common sense please
Feb 11th 2005
We've also been in a state of war w/them for over 50 years
Feb 11th 2005
Didn't I just say that?
Feb 11th 2005
yea i guess you did
Feb 15th 2005
RE: a little common sense please
Feb 12th 2005
Let me take a step back real quick...
Feb 16th 2005
Those silly North Koreans
Feb 11th 2005
didn't he have a list that had cuba in it as well?
Feb 11th 2005
it's funny how western news outlets refuse to call it DPRK
Feb 14th 2005
RE: How do we know
Feb 15th 2005
Feb 15th 2005
      RE: well..
Feb 15th 2005
      No, most sane people are against the use of nuclear weapons
Feb 16th 2005

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