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Subject: "I'm guilty." This topic is locked.
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Tue Sep-12-00 03:12 AM

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3. "I'm guilty."
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I used to sell cds back in the day. One day, this ultra-suburban lady walks up to me with her 9 to 12-year-old son and asks me if Coolio's Gangsta Paradise was appropiate for him. I politely pointed out the parental advisory and listening station. But she stands there giving me a "you're-Black-and-should-know" look. So I told her yes, it was.

Plus, I know I've sold some hip hop and rock to a bunch of little Jimmy Wannabebadasses. I got a kick out it. Thinking about how their mommy and daddy will freak when they walk in their room and hear their kids singing "Who's that coming through my window, pooooow, nobody nooooow!" I still get a little kick out of it.

But, it's up to the parents to monitor what kids listen to and watch. And eventually they should trust them enough to know if they are easily influenced or not.

By the way, I was also that kid who, at 11, was buying R rated movie tickets for myself and the friends who couldn't get in. But, I was a grown looking kid, still no one bothered to ID me. I admit, not being ID'd for ANYTHING while I was growing up did make me grow up faster, but my mother wasn't really trying to control me much. I was that latchkey kid whose babysitter was cable tv.

Okay, I made my point. Plus, I'm sleepy. Yawn!

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television eats children [View all] , spirit, Mon Sep-11-00 06:58 PM
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Sep 12th 2000
RE: television eats children
Sep 12th 2000
this is my thing
Sep 12th 2000
dismantle the military?
Sep 13th 2000
RE: dismantle the military?
Sep 13th 2000
my thoughts...
Sep 13th 2000
Sep 16th 2000

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