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Subject: "my thoughts..." This topic is locked.
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Wed Sep-13-00 08:44 PM

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7. "my thoughts..."
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I've always hated it when the federal government gets caught up in outrage over popular entertainment. But, this time around, I really think there's reason to be concerned. The problem isn't that musicians, directors, or video game makers are creating violent products. The problem is purely in the marketing. These corporations are pushing material they know to be inappropriate onto our kids by advertising and promoting stuff through kid-oriented media channels.

The movie, video game, and music industries have been saying they are going to police themselves; that they'll make it clear what is and isn't appropriate for kids so that parents can make good choices. Seems like they haven't been policing themselves effectively. These companies are actively seeking out youth markets for the very products they have labeled as inappropriate! Personally, I would like to have the government step in and regulate these corporations' marketing practices. If the federal government could fine companies for intentionally exposing young kids to violence, it may eventually have an impact on how the industry approaches this material.

Gore and Bush, and the congressional committee that's having these hearings seem to be more concerned with censorship than holding the corporations accountable for their marketing strategies. They're more pissed off at Eminem for saying he wants to kill someone on his record than at MTV, who promote his album on a show whose audience is mostly pre-teens. If we want to keep this violent crap away from our kids, we need a federal government that's willing to hold these corporations and media outlets accountable. I doubt that will happen, though. I expect they'll keep scapegoating all the artists doing edgy adult-oriented entertainment. And the corporations can just ditch that particular artist once they become a political liability...




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television eats children [View all] , spirit, Mon Sep-11-00 06:58 PM
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