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Tue Sep-12-00 01:20 AM

1. "t2.."
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>(think "Terminator 2", a horribly
>violent film that positioned a
>young teenage boy as a
>central character, apparently to appeal
>to 12-16 year old boys...admit
>it, the kid wasn't there
>for his acting skill...).

they tried to throw a little morality in there as a central theme with the kid 'teaching' the terminator not to blast everything in sight.

know what you mean though, every kid wants to be the badass. they prolly could do more to make ratings less arbitrary, and to enforce them better.

seize your time! - marley/wailers

every lifestyle got a price.. - ras kass


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television eats children [View all] , spirit, Mon Sep-11-00 06:58 PM
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RE: television eats children
Sep 12th 2000
I'm guilty.
Sep 12th 2000
this is my thing
Sep 12th 2000
dismantle the military?
Sep 13th 2000
RE: dismantle the military?
Sep 13th 2000
my thoughts...
Sep 13th 2000
Sep 16th 2000

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