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Subject: "dismantle the military?" This topic is locked.
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Wed Sep-13-00 03:25 PM

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5. "dismantle the military?"
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That's a new slant, what's your basic idea?

Having a strong military in our country breeds violence in the streets/on tv? Or is it that image of the fighting man in uniform something that we aspire to?

But there is something different about America. Plenty of other countries live with our media and have little or no crime, and those w/o our propaganda have fighting in the streets.

Is there a correlation btw media images and violence/sex/consumerism? I would say yes. But have they perfected the technology so that they control you and all of your thoughts?

I think you could make a good argument for both sides.

k. orr


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television eats children [View all] , spirit, Mon Sep-11-00 06:58 PM
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Sep 12th 2000
RE: television eats children
Sep 12th 2000
I'm guilty.
Sep 12th 2000
this is my thing
Sep 12th 2000
RE: dismantle the military?
Sep 13th 2000
my thoughts...
Sep 13th 2000
Sep 16th 2000

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