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Subject: "so, i FINALLY watched this for the first time. some thoughts" This topic is locked.
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Thu Jan-18-07 01:57 AM

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30. "so, i FINALLY watched this for the first time. some thoughts"
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i liked it on the whole. definitely a crazy movie, in terms of cinematography and set, costume, etc. kind of a half way point between Metropolis and Michel (Gondry).

also, minus the obvious mention of the movie and the "here's looking at you, kid," there were meant to be Casablanca undertones in this movie, right? while fundamentally different than casablanca, if you paid attention, whenever there's a big scene or certain kind of scene (mainly love) in brazil, it goes back to the theme song, like in casablanca. plus, the title, which seems pretty irrelevant, is kind of an exotic place, like casablanca. can anyone more versed on the film than me expand/explain some of this further?

i thought the ending was cool, and definitely a surprise. i'm still trying to digest it and am reading everyone's comments for more understanding on the film, and trying to make sense of some of the more hard-to-find themes.

maybe i'll be back later with more. but good pick for the movie club. its a classic that i had never seen, so felt compelled to finally check it out because of its selection here.



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Okayplayer Movie Club: Brazil by Terry Gilliam [View all] , Frank Longo, Mon Dec-25-06 11:51 AM
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wens the deadline?
Dec 25th 2006
Brazil's in HD Thursday on UniversalHD
Dec 25th 2006
The HD version of this is like watching an ENTIRELY NEW FILM
Jan 01st 2007
Some HD screen captures here (link)
Jan 01st 2007
I will be discussing this one with ya'll.
Dec 25th 2006
This is in my Top 2 of favorite movies of all time
Dec 25th 2006
What's the 90 minute version like? I've only seen director's cut.
Dec 25th 2006
      A lot of the darker tones of the film are weakned quite a bit
Dec 26th 2006
okay... i'll gladly join in for this one
Dec 25th 2006
I can get down with this one. One of my all-time favorites...
Dec 26th 2006
Which cut? n/m
Dec 26th 2006
most overrated movie in the history of ever.
Dec 26th 2006
Care to explicate?
Dec 26th 2006
most overrated movie in the history of ever.
Dec 26th 2006
I really didn't care for this film
Dec 28th 2006
saw the director's cut...
Dec 28th 2006
DeNiro's most overlooked performance...
Dec 28th 2006
Overlooked? He was in one scene the whole movie
Dec 28th 2006
      you didn't even finish the movie!
Dec 28th 2006
           I didn't have to finish the movie to see that 4 minute scene.
Dec 29th 2006
                If you think Harry Tuttle's an insignificant role, you missed a LOT.
Dec 29th 2006
weird as fuck.. but good...
Dec 29th 2006
I like the direction more than I do the writing.
Dec 29th 2006
      I agree, there are a lot of memorable images in Brazil.
Dec 29th 2006
I want to like this film, but I don't get it
Dec 29th 2006
Okay, since no one else is talking, I'll retort the best that I can:
Dec 29th 2006
So okay, I read a lot of sci-fi in high school
Dec 30th 2006
Your points are incredibly valid, but I've still gotta say...
Jan 01st 2007
Like many films about postmodernity...
Dec 31st 2006
I'm still undecided on whether to watch this . . .
Jul 04th 2007
Watch it.
Jul 05th 2007

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