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Cold Truth
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Thu Jun-09-22 02:53 PM

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11. "Cool, I hope a court decides that"
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Thu Jun-09-22 02:55 PM by Cold Truth



>I think they were a bit rough but I don't think it amounts to
>"child cruelty".

I think there's a great chance that this is not an isolated incident, but I could be wrong.

>I gathered from what was going on they wanted all kids on the

That doesn't matter in the slightest. It's a complete non-factor. The goal doesn't change the act. It matters so little, it doesn't even warrant being said.

>I don't know how its clear to you
>they were yelling in the kids face, there was no audio.

It clearly shows her saying something. Perhaps "yelling" is an assumption to far, but her mannerisms/body language don't appear all that friendly. Further, we're not so far out of the woods from COVID that anyone needs to be in anyone's face like that, and there's no reason for a teacher to get in a child's face like that even without it.

>If they lose there jobs over it, s be it.

They did. I re-read the article, and they've been dismissed.

GOOD. It was well earned.

I think arresting
>them is doing to much.

The only people involved in this that get the benefit of the doubt from me, are the parents. I assume they saw- and heard, potentially- enough to take this as far as they have so far.

I get that everything isn't as it appears. But that kick was clear as day, not at all a "scooch", and they need another job in another field.


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** CONFESSION WEDNESDAY ** [View all] , Geah, Wed Jun-08-22 10:06 AM
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first bout with covid happening now.
Jun 08th 2022
I hope you feel better soon
Jun 08th 2022
      preciate it
Jun 08th 2022
A friend of mine for 23 years is going through it
Jun 08th 2022
An EF1 tornado hit my moms neighborhood in the wee hours of the morning ...
Jun 08th 2022
Am I bugging or are these parents overreacting
Jun 09th 2022
I don't feel their overreacting.
Jun 09th 2022
Jun 09th 2022
That wasn’t a “scooch”. That was a kick.
Jun 09th 2022
      I don't think they deserve criminal charges.
Jun 09th 2022
taking a week off
Jun 09th 2022
Did Instagram co-opt the search bar...
Jun 09th 2022

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