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Subject: "That wasn’t a “scooch”. That was a kick." Previous topic | Next topic
Cold Truth
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Thu Jun-09-22 12:53 PM

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9. "That wasn’t a “scooch”. That was a kick."
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Stepped on the first kid’s hand right before, and then the other teacher was yelling right in the kids face.

No, they’re not overreacting or being overly dramatic.

That was a kick, not a “scooch”. For starters, there was nowhere to “scooch” to. It was a kick in the back. And no, she doesn’t to do a full wind up and punt the kid halfway across the room for it to qualify as a kick.

The standard shouldn’t be “criminal” either.

None of that was ok, or even in a gray area.

That kick looks mad comfortable and passive aggressive, like the sort of shit someone does when they want to do something for real, know they can’t, and wan’t plausible deniability.

“Oh really, oh I’m so sorry, I was super busy texting in my phone and had no idea!”

FOH. They knew exactly what they were doing and got caught.

And yes, I have low tolerance for any of that sort of fuckshit. If you don’t have the temperament to work with children day in and day out, you shouldn’t be working with kids.

I doubt there’s much of a criminal punishment here, but they should lose their damn license.


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** CONFESSION WEDNESDAY ** [View all] , Geah, Wed Jun-08-22 10:06 AM
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first bout with covid happening now.
Jun 08th 2022
I hope you feel better soon
Jun 08th 2022
      preciate it
Jun 08th 2022
A friend of mine for 23 years is going through it
Jun 08th 2022
An EF1 tornado hit my moms neighborhood in the wee hours of the morning ...
Jun 08th 2022
Am I bugging or are these parents overreacting
Jun 09th 2022
I don't feel their overreacting.
Jun 09th 2022
Jun 09th 2022
      I don't think they deserve criminal charges.
Jun 09th 2022
           Cool, I hope a court decides that
Jun 09th 2022
taking a week off
Jun 09th 2022
Did Instagram co-opt the search bar...
Jun 09th 2022

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