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Posted by Geah, Wed Jun-08-22 10:06 AM
13462099, first bout with covid happening now.
Posted by tariqhu, Wed Jun-08-22 02:18 PM
I'm actually surprised it hasn't happened before now because my wife's job isn't wfh and both kids have been in school.

fortunately, it doesn't seem to be a big deal. hopefully this is how it goes for me. breathing is good. a bit of coughing, along with a sore throat and runny nose. it's all subsiding right now.

hard part is isolating from 3 others in my house.
13462112, I hope you feel better soon
Posted by makaveli, Wed Jun-08-22 08:46 PM
13462113, preciate it
Posted by tariqhu, Wed Jun-08-22 10:38 PM
13462105, A friend of mine for 23 years is going through it
Posted by MEAT, Wed Jun-08-22 04:20 PM
Because her husband just lied in secret for lord knows how long. But at least ten years. And now his body is turning on him. I feel for both of them. Definitely for my friend, but dude has been fighting a monster. It's wild.

I'm so so very grateful that I entered my marriage and everything before that with honesty, because that's not fully who I was before.

13462111, An EF1 tornado hit my moms neighborhood in the wee hours of the morning last
Posted by SuiteLady, Wed Jun-08-22 08:41 PM
last night. THEE neighborhood I grew up in!! I have been in that other CW post talking about the poop situation here at my house, but now that I have talked to everybody and the power is back on over there in KC I am like ... "damn, a real tornado hit my mama's house!!"

After the Amazon warehouse situation here in December and now the situation in KC I am starting to ACTUALLY be scare of tornadoes. I think we talked in that Amazon post about how living in the Midwest you can become desensitized to it. I have been, but I am getting scared now.
13462117, Am I bugging or are these parents overreacting
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Thu Jun-09-22 05:59 AM

I am not exactly sure what I am seeing on the footage they keep showing. Yeah it looks like a teacher inappropriately used her leg to scooch a kid back on the mat, but I don't know if I witnessed something criminal.

I do know this is in GA and their are tons of racist comments in the comments.

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"
13462124, I don't feel their overreacting.
Posted by tariqhu, Thu Jun-09-22 09:40 AM
you don't send your child somewhere to get stepped on or catch knees to the back by the caretakers. so when it happens, you might get a little dramatic about it.

overreacting would've been trying to fight the daycare folks.

13462134, *they're
Posted by tariqhu, Thu Jun-09-22 10:45 AM
13462138, That wasn’t a “scooch”. That was a kick.
Posted by Cold Truth, Thu Jun-09-22 12:53 PM
Stepped on the first kid’s hand right before, and then the other teacher was yelling right in the kids face.

No, they’re not overreacting or being overly dramatic.

That was a kick, not a “scooch”. For starters, there was nowhere to “scooch” to. It was a kick in the back. And no, she doesn’t to do a full wind up and punt the kid halfway across the room for it to qualify as a kick.

The standard shouldn’t be “criminal” either.

None of that was ok, or even in a gray area.

That kick looks mad comfortable and passive aggressive, like the sort of shit someone does when they want to do something for real, know they can’t, and wan’t plausible deniability.

“Oh really, oh I’m so sorry, I was super busy texting in my phone and had no idea!”

FOH. They knew exactly what they were doing and got caught.

And yes, I have low tolerance for any of that sort of fuckshit. If you don’t have the temperament to work with children day in and day out, you shouldn’t be working with kids.

I doubt there’s much of a criminal punishment here, but they should lose their damn license.
13462145, I don't think they deserve criminal charges.
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Thu Jun-09-22 02:22 PM
I think they were a bit rough but I don't think it amounts to "child cruelty".

I gathered from what was going on they wanted all kids on the mat. Doesn't mean its appropriate to step on hand or use your foot to get them on the mat. I don't know how its clear to you they were yelling in the kids face, there was no audio.

If they lose there jobs over it, so be it. I think arresting them is doing to much.

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"
13462153, Cool, I hope a court decides that
Posted by Cold Truth, Thu Jun-09-22 02:53 PM
>I think they were a bit rough but I don't think it amounts to
>"child cruelty".

I think there's a great chance that this is not an isolated incident, but I could be wrong.

>I gathered from what was going on they wanted all kids on the

That doesn't matter in the slightest. It's a complete non-factor. The goal doesn't change the act. It matters so little, it doesn't even warrant being said.

>I don't know how its clear to you
>they were yelling in the kids face, there was no audio.

It clearly shows her saying something. Perhaps "yelling" is an assumption to far, but her mannerisms/body language don't appear all that friendly. Further, we're not so far out of the woods from COVID that anyone needs to be in anyone's face like that, and there's no reason for a teacher to get in a child's face like that even without it.

>If they lose there jobs over it, s be it.

They did. I re-read the article, and they've been dismissed.

GOOD. It was well earned.

I think arresting
>them is doing to much.

The only people involved in this that get the benefit of the doubt from me, are the parents. I assume they saw- and heard, potentially- enough to take this as far as they have so far.

I get that everything isn't as it appears. But that kick was clear as day, not at all a "scooch", and they need another job in another field.
13462155, taking a week off
Posted by mista k5, Thu Jun-09-22 03:01 PM
not traveling anywhere but family is visiting. i feel weird and guilty taking the time. boss was cool with it but im still a bit anxious.

i think part of it is because a vendor had previously mentioned he was going to visit but he didnt send an email or anything and i forgot. i am going to try to meet with him.

hopefully were not sick of each other by the time the week is up lol

we are thinking of driving out to carlsbad caverns and maybe spending the night somewhere out there to shorten the drive some for them on their return. i am thinking maybe doing carlsbad then going down to marfa could be cool but i feel like when were done with carlsbad well say nah lol
13462174, Did Instagram co-opt the search bar...
Posted by Kira, Thu Jun-09-22 09:43 PM
.... For black history month the same way they're doing for pride month? Where's the opt out button at?

So this old white man walks up to me and tried to hug me while crying and saying black lives matter.

I'm damn sure not one of these democratic symbolism matters ambulance mascot for every cause except mine wanna be seen shills. I gave him the same stiff arm Jonathan Stewart used to retire Ronde Barber.

This crypto legislation could neuter a good half the market.... in 2011. Too late to stop it now. Trump an nem wouldnt care.