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Fri Mar-27-15 11:14 AM

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23. "i dont know about hbcu's"
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Fri Mar-27-15 11:15 AM by akon



i do wish i had attended one, sometimes

but with regards to the us rankings, yea i dont believe that hype
im at the #1 school of PH and half the time (well, 90% of the time) i wish id have gone to a different school/ lower ranked school
i was recently looking at a school in western michigan (pause) that has the program i wish i were in
but my friends are on some, wait what? are you crazy?
i dont feel like the education im getting here is any better than one i would've gotten at...
actually, this education feels sub par to what i got from my masters
and with 100% more unnecessary stress
at this stage, i dont need the name recognition

my best educational experience was at unc-chapel
i will always be a tarheel.
went to an ivy for my masters- actually have nothing but good things to say about the program
definitely prepared me for what i needed to do
i think the networking is the most important gain though - these loans are no joke

now, *this* school?
i doubt i will ever rep this school.
i met a guy that was considering transferring back to a hbcu... i definitely understand.

i myself would never want to be god,or even like god.Because god got all these human beings on this planet and i most certainly would not want to be responsible for them, or even have the disgrace that i made them.


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white mans books are inherently more knowledgy. [View all] , Binlahab, Thu Mar-26-15 01:35 PM
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this is all wrong, but i'm still riding with you 100%
Mar 26th 2015
I think there was a time Howard was better than Harvard
Mar 26th 2015
lawd my people. this must be how harriet tubman felt.
Mar 26th 2015
I'll give you "More" as in pure numbers
Mar 26th 2015
      but they SHOULD be @ Howard. thats the point
Mar 26th 2015
RE: I think there was a time Howard was better than Harvard
Mar 26th 2015
'text books'...LOL.
Mar 26th 2015
depended on the class at GT
Mar 26th 2015
when was this time? lol
Mar 26th 2015
to be clear, my opinion on the matter is regarding MY child/ren...
Mar 26th 2015
I think this concept has been taken a little too far
Mar 26th 2015
i have family who graduated from lower ranked schools
Mar 26th 2015
      Yeah... to Bin's point though, USC isn't necessarily better than Howard
Mar 26th 2015
           probably. but i dunno.
Mar 26th 2015
Mar 26th 2015
Cornell West taught at Harvard and Princeton, not Howard and Hampton...
Mar 26th 2015
I am pretty sure Cornell West was a terrible instructor.
Mar 26th 2015
      He took a whole month off from classes to help with a presidential campa...
Mar 26th 2015
Nah they're not the same... at all
Mar 26th 2015
believe you I do not. more people you do need. - hatin ass yoda nm
Mar 26th 2015
Why Am I Always Defending My HBCU Education to Other Black People?
Mar 27th 2015
Mar 27th 2015

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