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Topic subjecti dont know about hbcu's
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12764932, i dont know about hbcu's
Posted by akon, Fri Mar-27-15 11:14 AM
i do wish i had attended one, sometimes

but with regards to the us rankings, yea i dont believe that hype
im at the #1 school of PH and half the time (well, 90% of the time) i wish id have gone to a different school/ lower ranked school
i was recently looking at a school in western michigan (pause) that has the program i wish i were in
but my friends are on some, wait what? are you crazy?
i dont feel like the education im getting here is any better than one i would've gotten at...
actually, this education feels sub par to what i got from my masters
and with 100% more unnecessary stress
at this stage, i dont need the name recognition

my best educational experience was at unc-chapel
i will always be a tarheel.
went to an ivy for my masters- actually have nothing but good things to say about the program
definitely prepared me for what i needed to do
i think the networking is the most important gain though - these loans are no joke

now, *this* school?
i doubt i will ever rep this school.
i met a guy that was considering transferring back to a hbcu... i definitely understand.