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Subject: "my 2 cents~" This topic is locked.
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Thu Aug-17-00 02:53 PM

13. "my 2 cents~"
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i work(ed) for david, shapiro and lewitt, music law firm~~~ 5th ave. nyc~~~ while there, my hair was permed and my hair is mid-back, so my boss had no problems. i came in one day w/ these "wild twists" which i am currently still wearing, and my boss complimented me on them to my surprise~~~ fast forward 3 weeks, i accept a job offer @ the national mintority supplier development council, on the ave of the americas. here, im w/ all blks and latinos, mostly female. anyway, my 3 rd day on the job i wear my twists, and everyone flips out b/c of my lack of professionalism, my boss even went as far to say that "nappy is not in here." a bit dismayed~~~~~~ b/c one, im not perming my hair any damn more, and two, rnt these supposed to be my ppl? i left that job as well~~~ i myself am a pol/sci pre-law dble mjr and i will say, that im sorry, my twists rnt going anywhere, my earrings rnt going anywhere, and im not putting on make-up to please anyone. it is sad that u haveta be "radical" to want to wear ur hair as u damned well please. and whats even more sad, is that so many qualified ppl r missing opportunities b/c of the ignorance of other ppl.



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