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Subject: "Case Study: High-Tech Sector" This topic is locked.
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Wed Aug-09-00 06:13 AM

12. "Case Study: High-Tech Sector"
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>I will be completing my undergraduate
>study in two years and
>proceeding to law school....Each day
>I ponder how I will
>nearly be coerced to cut
>my hair to be "accepted"
>in the legal field...

What you need to do is move into the high-tech sector.

It doesn't matter what race you's anything goes. I shave once a week...and I know people with really ugly goofy long hair who are actually rising stars in their respective workplaces. I remember seeing one guy at Nortel with big-ass dreads...

In law, accounting, and some of the downtown financial establishments...they seem to be a million times more anal about appearence...there, you must wear a suit, tie...the whole nine yards. My buddy forgot to shave one night...and his boss actually mentioned...hey buddy...did you lose your razor this morning.

>So I ask...Do you think the
>"face" of the corporate world
>bears the ability to change
>within the next 5 to
>10 years??

I think the high-tech sector is causing things to change a lot...where I work, the only person I've seen in a shirt and tie was the executive vice president of my division...the only time ANYONE (i.e. directors, VPs, managers, collegues) in my company has ever worn a suit is for the Christmas party.

And yes, I saw someone from upper management with his hair in a pony-tail...wearing jeans and a Hawaiian shirt in this one meeting...looking like he just crawled out of bed.

I think the whole "business casual" concept is really starting to change the way people dress and even look in the corporate world...times are changing if you ask me.


Sean Flynn - longtime poster of - Updated Rarely
Resident of Ottawa, Ontario (located in Canada for the geographically challenged)


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