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Subject: "Change the face" This topic is locked.
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Tue Aug-01-00 06:19 AM

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6. "Change the face"
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Rock the locks.
F&^K everyone else.
Yes their paying your bills but are they giving you a new soul to go with it.

I'm in Corporate America (Financial Institution) and as much as it kills my boss (a white woman) finally talked me into getting my hair wet. As much as I contemplated it myself I always had the voice of my mother saying "ain't nobody going to give you no job with your hair like that." So I never thought to come to work like that maybe weekends but not 40 hours a week where I spend 50% of my life.(hmmm that just ain't right) She just kept asking me what my hair looked like when it was natural and my reply was "curly" hahah knowing nappy and curly just ain't the same thing. But anyways I would have to say it was the best decision of my life. My hair happens to be an vital extension of the rest of my body. Me stressn't it out all the time with hot combs and curlers was stressn' me out. Now I feel free to say and do what I feel and to stand up to the comments and stares. I won't change back. (never say never) Though the only bad comments I have really received were from my family. They are sure that I must be on something for real because I'm just not as pretty anymore. The older you get the more you find your true self and the harder it is to leave him/her.

I have to admit for me the Corporate is not where I want to be or stay but it is educating me. I will have my own corporate america will have to deal with all the "ethnicity" I bring. My hair happens to be my artistic expression I even rock the corn rolls, and bamboo knots at works (with all the ohhhs and ahhhs). I could write or do my photography without every bit of me being true to my self.

So... much luck to you in your quest. Stay true to yourself. All else will come.-me

Peace and Blessings


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