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Subject: "RE: Change the face" This topic is locked.
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11. "RE: Change the face"
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I hate to sound hastle about the situation but my thing is this. I work in corporate amerikkka and my hair is au natural. I rock braids, and wear ethnic jewelry and clothes and I ain't compromising sh*t. I neva have so far and God willing I neva will have to.

I realize we'll do whateva we got to do for a job (cause were getting money that we need to survive), but your not getting paid on how you look (you would if your a model). What I'm trying to say is that no job, is worth having if you have to compromise your expression of self. That just takes away from you and who you are and what you stand for.

I've heard it said that the way you wear your hair and the type of clothes you wear don't make who you are, but its the principle of the whole thing.
No one should be able to dictate who you are or tell you what you should be. Compromising yourself for some people who don't give dog poop about you is sick to me.

"Find Heaven in yourself and God"-Common

"Don't sweat the next man, do what you do best."-DJ Premier


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