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Subject: "SPILLED LATTE NOMINATIONS: How should they work?" Previous topic | Next topic
Frank Longo
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Fri Jan-17-14 01:12 PM

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"Poll question: SPILLED LATTE NOMINATIONS: How should they work?"



There's been debate in the past how to determine the winner of the Spilled Lattes. I figured I'd put it to a vote.

FIRST (and current) OPTION: nominee is an honorary title for the top five vote-getters, and the winner is determined from the same initial ballot.

SECOND OPTION: nominees are derived from a first ballot, and the field is narrowed to the five top vote-getters per category. Then, once we have nominees, we allow a month or so for voters to make their selections from the more limited second ballot, whose options were determined by the first ballot. (i.e. how the Academy does it)

Pros to the first option:
- it's hard to get people to vote once, let alone twice, so it simplifies the process.
- multiple ballots often water down the results, so the top vote-getter from the first write-in ballot doesn't necessarily win on the second limited-option ballot. A one-ballot system arguably more accurately reflects the true opinions of the voters (for example: see NYFCC this year-- 12 Years a Slave won their first ballot, but once options were narrowed down, American Hustle won because more people whose first choices were eliminated from the second ballot preferred Hustle to Slave).

Pros to the second option:
- a narrower field would make it easier for aspiring voters to seek out and watch ALL the nominated films. Currently, they see what they see, so the most oft-viewed films are most likely to win. Results may prove more interesting if more people see more of the nominees.
- a narrower second vote may also encourage more people to take part, as it may feel more "official" than the current method.

I'm also obviously open to other ideas, considering the sparse voter numbers last year. Anything that will bring more people to the table, even if it means electing a more formal voting body, people who are committed to voting on the Lattes this year-- a Latte Academy, if you will.

Poll result (6 votes)
FIRST (current) OPTION (1 votes)Vote
SECOND OPTION (1 votes)Vote
Other (3 votes)Vote
What are the Lattes? I'm new here. (1 votes)Vote



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SPILLED LATTE NOMINATIONS: How should they work? [View all] , Frank Longo, Fri Jan-17-14 01:12 PM
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like the FYC thread.
Jan 17th 2014
The one problem with this...
Jan 17th 2014
      hence the points differential
Jan 17th 2014
      I see what you're saying.
Jan 17th 2014
      RE: hence the points differential
Jan 17th 2014
           Worst case scenario: it'd be easy to add the results both ways.
Jan 17th 2014
           i'm with this
Jan 17th 2014
      newsflash: this is a GOOD thing
Jan 17th 2014
           newsflash: anti-elitism is just as dumb as elitism
Jan 29th 2014
FUCKING LATTES...How do they work?
Jan 17th 2014
Yeah, it's a risk/reward proposal.
Jan 17th 2014
GREEN - Just give lattes to my favorite movies this year
Jan 19th 2014
Jan 31st 2014
There should be a category for: BEST FILM MOMENT
Jan 31st 2014

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