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Tue Nov-03-09 06:23 PM

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4. "i may not remember this correctly"
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but during the fight club commentary with ed norton and brad pitt, ed was going off on the one scene when they were walking down the street, bashing in the windshields of every car windshield.

he said he insisted on only smashing bmws and mbs and shit, and leaving the more economical cars like the civics and geos be.

but he insisted on having a vw new beetle, because he particularly loathed how the hippy generation grew up, became captains of industry (apparently, specifically at vw), and tried tor recreate their youth with it, rathering than creating something new and original. it's difficult to carry across his tone, but i would call it kind of heavy handed and pedantic.

brad pitt, quiet this whole time, replies "wow, ed, i never thought about that, that generation really has captured their youth in that car. i think im going to get one."

i thought it was funny how he just clowned ed norton. in general, those guys were pretty good.

mcnulty and omar gave a great commentary on an ep in s2. they were talking about nick sobotkas gfs tits.

kevin smith is always entertaining.

i havent heard qt i dont think, but i would guess he would be awesome.

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Nerds check in: Who gives the best dvd commentary? [View all] , Wrongthink, Tue Nov-03-09 04:30 PM
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I've only listened to one, but it was awesome.
Nov 03rd 2009
Nov 03rd 2009
the spinal tap commentary is almost like a sequel to the movie:
Nov 04th 2009
Kevin Smith (all) and Ebert (Citizen Kane <-best, Casablanca)
Nov 03rd 2009
Nov 03rd 2009
The Boogie Nights commentary was great
Nov 03rd 2009
Spaced Season 1 - Clubbing Episode
Nov 04th 2009
Anything Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright do has great DVD commentary.
Nov 04th 2009
      RE: Anything Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright do has great DVD commentary.
Nov 05th 2009
Surprisingly Sam Mendes.
Nov 04th 2009
Method Man & Redman
Nov 04th 2009
Nov 07th 2009
Wes Anderson
Nov 04th 2009
Tropic Thunder
Nov 04th 2009
Michael Jeck on seven samurai (criterion) holds the crown for me.
Nov 04th 2009
Stepbrothers was pretty entertaining
Nov 05th 2009
They had Lou Rawls on the Anchorman one lol
Nov 05th 2009
      yes! forgot about that! n/m
Nov 06th 2009
Oliver Stone
Nov 05th 2009
i really enjoy the simpsons commentaries, also special nod to
Nov 05th 2009
super troopers (multiple tracks) and the stella show.
Nov 06th 2009
really? the wet hot commentary was so boring n/m
Nov 06th 2009

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