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Topic subjectNerds check in: Who gives the best dvd commentary?
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484761, Nerds check in: Who gives the best dvd commentary?
Posted by Wrongthink, Tue Nov-03-09 04:30 PM
I was listening to the Boogie Nights commentary last week and was consistently shocked and surprised at how thoughtful and interesting Paul Thomas Anderson's insights into the filming were. Lots of different stories and reflective thoughts about filming and story-telling. I was impressed.

I listen to a lot of commentary because I'm weird in that I like to fall asleep to people talking sometimes...but sometimes they're so intriguing that I have to revisit them the next day and listen to them in full.

Francis Ford Coppola's commentary on Apocalypse Now is also very interesting and worth the time to listen to.
484764, I've only listened to one, but it was awesome.
Posted by stylez dainty, Tue Nov-03-09 04:42 PM
Kurt Russell and John Carpenter - Big Trouble in Little China
484770, Edit
Posted by Sponge, Tue Nov-03-09 05:04 PM
Entertaining / funny:

-Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (Hunter S. Thompson; Criterion)
-This is Spinal Tap
-Blood Simple
-Apatow and cast commentaries (especially 40 YOV)
-Kevin Smith (funnier than his movies)
-Men in Black (Sonnenfeld and Jones)

Insightful / informative commentaries:

-Straw Dogs (Criterion)
-Citizen Kane (Ebert not Bogdanovich)
-All three Godfathers (Coppola; the third made me see what his intentions were; upgrades the film from outright awful to really bad)
-Dark City (Ebert)
-Dazed and Confused (Criterion)
-Herzog (especially Fitzcarraldo)
-Killer of Sheep
-If... (Criterion)
-Rules of the Game (Criterion)
-L'avventura (Criterion)
-Autumn Afternoon (Criterion)
-Alexander Nevsky (Criterion)

To pick one from each: Thompson on Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Prince on Straw Dogs. Listen to them ASAP.
484864, the spinal tap commentary is almost like a sequel to the movie:
Posted by shockzilla, Wed Nov-04-09 05:11 AM
it's brilliantly fucking funny.
484778, Kevin Smith (all) and Ebert (Citizen Kane <-best, Casablanca)
Posted by Ryan M, Tue Nov-03-09 05:24 PM
484793, i may not remember this correctly
Posted by rick, Tue Nov-03-09 06:23 PM
but during the fight club commentary with ed norton and brad pitt, ed was going off on the one scene when they were walking down the street, bashing in the windshields of every car windshield.

he said he insisted on only smashing bmws and mbs and shit, and leaving the more economical cars like the civics and geos be.

but he insisted on having a vw new beetle, because he particularly loathed how the hippy generation grew up, became captains of industry (apparently, specifically at vw), and tried tor recreate their youth with it, rathering than creating something new and original. it's difficult to carry across his tone, but i would call it kind of heavy handed and pedantic.

brad pitt, quiet this whole time, replies "wow, ed, i never thought about that, that generation really has captured their youth in that car. i think im going to get one."

i thought it was funny how he just clowned ed norton. in general, those guys were pretty good.

mcnulty and omar gave a great commentary on an ep in s2. they were talking about nick sobotkas gfs tits.

kevin smith is always entertaining.

i havent heard qt i dont think, but i would guess he would be awesome.
484794, Edit
Posted by Sponge, Tue Nov-03-09 06:43 PM
>mcnulty and omar gave a great commentary on an ep in s2. they
>were talking about nick sobotkas gfs tits.

Yup, that's a funny one. I was also laughing at Michael K. Williams laughing at Dominic West's story of his audition tape.

Also on the tv tip, the Freaks and Geeks commentary with Coach Fredricks, Rosso, and Kowchevski in character is great and the Sopranos Season 6B with Silvio and Carlo (not in character) was pretty funny at times.
484799, The Boogie Nights commentary was great
Posted by Call It Anything, Tue Nov-03-09 08:02 PM
I really like Robert Rodriguez's commentaries as well. Listening to El Mariachi and Desperado is like a crash course in film making.
484846, Spaced Season 1 - Clubbing Episode
Posted by Big Chief Rumbletummy, Wed Nov-04-09 01:04 AM

The "celebrity" commentary with Matt Stone is a great breakdown on the differences between British & American TV

dough ray me
but I don't sing mothafucka
484908, Anything Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright do has great DVD commentary.
Posted by DeadMike, Wed Nov-04-09 12:53 PM
All the original and redone SPACED commentaries are great as are the Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz commentaries.
485132, RE: Anything Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright do has great DVD commentary.
Posted by deacon, Thu Nov-05-09 04:51 PM
I agree, Pegg/Wright's commentaries are hilarious.
484861, Surprisingly Sam Mendes.
Posted by Onederlust, Wed Nov-04-09 04:19 AM
More often than not, I get the feeling the director is fulfilling a contractual obligation.
They'll digress at the drop of a hat.

I was pretty impressed with the American Beauty commentary.
P.T. Anderson's are pretty good as well.
484866, Method Man & Redman
Posted by ILL FLOW, Wed Nov-04-09 06:42 AM
I know it sounds crazy but if you watch the "How High" DVD commentary you'll be laughing your ass of for the whole film
485338, ^^^^^^^
Posted by ShinobiShaw, Sat Nov-07-09 04:36 PM

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484876, Wes Anderson
Posted by DavuFlint, Wed Nov-04-09 08:11 AM
Really anecdotal and quirky. Especially the commentary for The Life Aquatic
484939, Tropic Thunder
Posted by FamisZhackPierre, Wed Nov-04-09 03:14 PM
Robert Downey in character nearly the entire time...Jack Black...Baron Davis...hilarious...

Darren Aronofsky's commentary on Requiem...

the commentary on Brazil was interesting, but I don't think it was Gilliam...maybe his cinematographer?

Spike's commentary on the 20th Anniv. Ed of Do the Right Thing

pretty much any film or show I love, I feel compelled to listen to the commentary, and I agree, it is a good way to go to sleep...the whole learning through osmosis thing...

just watched Bogdanovich's commentary on a Soprano's ep. he directed for season 5--boring, but I enjoyed his use of jargon and anecdotes about Hitchcock--"Hitch said never use an establishing shot to establish a scene...use it at the dramatic peak."
484941, Michael Jeck on seven samurai (criterion) holds the crown for me.
Posted by Triptych, Wed Nov-04-09 03:28 PM
485116, Stepbrothers was pretty entertaining
Posted by BrainChild, Thu Nov-05-09 02:30 PM
not very informative..

with JOn Brion scoring the commentary, and Will Ferrell singing for most of the movie.
485198, They had Lou Rawls on the Anchorman one lol
Posted by Wrongthink, Thu Nov-05-09 11:59 PM
485248, yes! forgot about that! n/m
Posted by BrainChild, Fri Nov-06-09 01:03 PM
485119, Oliver Stone
Posted by Onassis, Thu Nov-05-09 03:04 PM
485128, i really enjoy the simpsons commentaries, also special nod to
Posted by dba_BAD, Thu Nov-05-09 04:35 PM
that one freaks and geeks commentary where the teachers are in character
485239, super troopers (multiple tracks) and the stella show.
Posted by thoughtprocess, Fri Nov-06-09 12:05 PM
485265, really? the wet hot commentary was so boring n/m
Posted by dba_BAD, Fri Nov-06-09 03:48 PM