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13. "Wordman's director's cut DVD review"
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review of the DVD, not the movie (see previous post).
For a movie that was as hyped as this one, the dvd is very disappointing.
The price was higher than it should have been. The only reason I dropped $30 on it instead of waiting to find a used copy was to support my local, independent comic book store.
I don't know how many movie industry people I have to talk to for someone to get it, but you can't follow the music industry model and think you'll find success. If cats are gonna buy a PHYSICAL copy - make it worth their while. Otherwise, they'll download it.
The DVD is a complete joke.
Disc 1 contains no commentary of any kind. Of all the movies to warrant a commentary, it would be this one. Comic and film geeks would have loved it.
It contains no deleted scenes, which I'm to assume is because they were all used as added scenes.
Disc 2 has 1 behind the scenes feature - which was okay. Not the most amazing, but acceptable.
It also had a bunch of "journals" of the film - which in my opinion weren't worth it.
And it had the music video for the My Chemical Romance song. A movie that features music by The Smashing Pumpkins, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, but we get My Chemical Romance? Yeah, bad idea.
There's no booklet or anything, which isn't that big a deal, but still...
Oh, and to add insult to injury, they include two fliers. One for the video game (okay, cool, no problem), and another for the "super cool ultra edition" of Watchmen, coming out just in time for xmas. Which means you had to buy THIS copy of the movie to find out you want the OTHER copy of the movie. WTF!!!!! The other version has all the motion comics, the director's cut, and more bonus stuff. That does nothing but insult the fans who purchased this version, as well as oversaturate the market with various editions (there'll be 3 editions of this out before 2010).
And you wonder why cats download your shit.

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Wait No Watchmen Director's Cut Post? Ok Here it is: [View all] , Shawn Maxam, Sun Jul-19-09 10:38 PM
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RE: Wait No Watchmen Director's Cut Post? Ok Here it is:
Jul 21st 2009
BLU-RAY must buy of teh year!
Jul 21st 2009
I'll wait til December.
Jul 21st 2009
Yeah Watchmen Ultimate Edition in Dec. I'm waiting for that.
Jul 22nd 2009
      wtf, is that 18 hours long?
Jul 22nd 2009
I just bought the regular ed.
Jul 22nd 2009
picked up my copy today
Jul 22nd 2009
the director's cut is a VAST improvement....
Jul 24th 2009
RE: Wait No Watchmen Director's Cut Post? Ok Here it is:
Jul 25th 2009
They should have used the Jeff Buckley version of "Hallelujah"
Jul 25th 2009
They should have used ANYTHING but the version they used
Jul 25th 2009
Wordman's director's cut review
Jul 26th 2009
I picked up the DVD but...
Jul 28th 2009

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