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Thu Sep-03-20 06:40 AM

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8. "sort of tangential"
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I like the look of these big vinyl sets a lot but do companies not see how steep that price tag is? Or is the new model make it nice enough to appeal to the hardcore folks who will put down the money and don't worry about the rest?

Like, all of those Prince vinyl sets priced me out -- and it's not even that I can't afford them so much as it's hard for me to justify the expense... (though I'm thinking thinking thinking about that SOTT one right now)

And I get that this is 6 albums and so 30/pop isn't really that much, but laid out at the front it's not cheap.

I'm thinking back to the days of the elaborate CD box set... I know some of them could get really pricey, too, but I never felt like they were unreasonably so. (Of course, I'm probably 10x more frugal now than I was then.)

Just a side rant. I'm kind of glad a lot of places are doubling down on larger, well-made sets - I always felt that was a good way to ensure that the physical had a real place for listeners. I just wish they would find a way to price it a bit more reasonably.

Honestly, there's still a good chance I'll grab this, lol, and I have most of these on vinyl already.


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Sade Announces Six Album Vinyl Box Set ‘This Far’. [View all] , CherNic, Wed Sep-02-20 03:06 PM
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can i be covered by confession wednesday?
Sep 02nd 2020
That's not surprising
Sep 02nd 2020
      theyre one of those groups that was just so big
Sep 02nd 2020
Thinking about copping and I don't have a turntable, lol.
Sep 02nd 2020
I think my vinyl copies are warped.
Sep 02nd 2020
thats cool, buuuuut....
Sep 02nd 2020
i feel like there was talk of this at some point recently
Sep 03rd 2020
That's Cool & All But How About A "B-Sides & Remixes" Collection
Sep 03rd 2020
I didn't think 180 was that crazy for six brand new records...
Sep 03rd 2020
it's relative i guess
Sep 03rd 2020
      I feel you. I pay $10 a month for Apple Music and I don't mind one bit
Sep 03rd 2020
theres really no logical reasoning for spending any money on vinyl
Sep 03rd 2020
RE: theres really no logical reasoning for spending any money on vinyl
Sep 03rd 2020
yeah, i'm really tryna do math on this
Sep 04th 2020
i was JUST thinking about her/them...
Sep 03rd 2020
I tweeted about a new album last week :(
Sep 03rd 2020
just started a vinyl collection and this needs to be in it...
Sep 03rd 2020
$180 is pretty damn steep. It's not like her records are rare.
Sep 04th 2020
      RE: $180 is pretty damn steep. It's not like her records are rare.
Sep 04th 2020
      I was gonna post something to this effect, but deleted it...
Sep 04th 2020
      damn I didn't realize the price tag...
Sep 04th 2020
      They are rare though
Sep 05th 2020
I'll probably get this (I'm still thinking.. )
Sep 04th 2020

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