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Topic subjectSade Announces Six Album Vinyl Box Set ‘This Far’.
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3026677, Sade Announces Six Album Vinyl Box Set ‘This Far’.
Posted by CherNic, Wed Sep-02-20 03:06 PM

Six Album Vinyl Box Set ‘This Far’.

Announcing Sade’s box set entitled ‘This Far’ will be released worldwide on October 9th 2020, featuring remastered versions of all Sade’s six studio albums to date, on pure 180-gram heavyweight black vinyl.

All of the band’s acclaimed albums: Diamond Life (1984), Promise (1985), Stronger Than Pride (1988), Love Deluxe (1992), Lovers Rock (2000), and Soldier Of Love (2010) are packaged into the beautifully finished, white case-bound box.

The close band of four: Sade (vocals), Stuart Matthewman (saxophone/guitar), Andrew Hale (keyboards), and Paul Spencer Denman (bass), alongside acclaimed mastering engineer Miles Showell, and the band’s long-time co-producer Mike Pela have worked from high resolution digital transfers of the stereo master mixes, from the original studio recordings, and remastered the audio at half-speed at Abbey Road Studios.
3026678, can i be covered by confession wednesday?
Posted by mista k5, Wed Sep-02-20 03:23 PM
i dont think i have ever listened to a full sade album. might need to make this my next discography to explore.

3026679, That's not surprising
Posted by CherNic, Wed Sep-02-20 03:28 PM
Sade is a band that either you get or...don't? But if you get them, you GET them

This is one of my favorite mixes https://soundcloud.com/earl-l-small/dj-spinna-best-of-sade-mix

I already own 2 of these 6 on vinyl so not sure if I'll cop, but $180 is a good price point for six albums
3026681, theyre one of those groups that was just so big
Posted by mista k5, Wed Sep-02-20 03:37 PM
their music is just part of the world. never had the need to dig in but i do like what ive heard.

$180 seems a bit steep. i clicked the link thinking that there was a price point that i might just go for it but $180 is not it lol its not horrible but thats $30 per album. reasonable for a huge fan.

i will probably stream the albums and look for good used copies for any i want to add to the collection.
3026685, Thinking about copping and I don't have a turntable, lol.
Posted by WarriorPoet415, Wed Sep-02-20 04:08 PM
Then again I'm a huge fan.

I'll most likely never listen to the actual physical copies. I just feel like I need to have it.

"To Each His Reach"


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3026692, I think my vinyl copies are warped.
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Wed Sep-02-20 05:18 PM
I think.

Either way, this looks like a solid package.
Especially for Love Deluxe (my favorite).
3026701, thats cool, buuuuut....
Posted by absence, Wed Sep-02-20 11:10 PM
Can we get a new album please? PLEASE?!?!?! I dont listen to anything on vinyl, but I appreciate what theyre doing. Man, Soldier of Love was 10 years ago though! Thats a long time even for them.
3026709, i feel like there was talk of this at some point recently
Posted by fontgangsta, Thu Sep-03-20 08:36 AM
but not sure if anything solid
3026704, That's Cool & All But How About A "B-Sides & Remixes" Collection
Posted by Dj Joey Joe, Thu Sep-03-20 02:56 AM
That's what I've been wanting for Sade, the band, or the label to do, cause I do have the majority of her singles but to have all of them on a three cd set or maybe even four if they got some unreleased and missed gems they wanted to put out as well, that would hold a lot of fans over until a new album is released cause it's so many people who need reminding how dope she & her band is.

3026706, sort of tangential
Posted by thebigfunk, Thu Sep-03-20 06:40 AM
I like the look of these big vinyl sets a lot but do companies not see how steep that price tag is? Or is the new model make it nice enough to appeal to the hardcore folks who will put down the money and don't worry about the rest?

Like, all of those Prince vinyl sets priced me out -- and it's not even that I can't afford them so much as it's hard for me to justify the expense... (though I'm thinking thinking thinking about that SOTT one right now)

And I get that this is 6 albums and so 30/pop isn't really that much, but laid out at the front it's not cheap.

I'm thinking back to the days of the elaborate CD box set... I know some of them could get really pricey, too, but I never felt like they were unreasonably so. (Of course, I'm probably 10x more frugal now than I was then.)

Just a side rant. I'm kind of glad a lot of places are doubling down on larger, well-made sets - I always felt that was a good way to ensure that the physical had a real place for listeners. I just wish they would find a way to price it a bit more reasonably.

Honestly, there's still a good chance I'll grab this, lol, and I have most of these on vinyl already.


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3026708, I didn't think 180 was that crazy for six brand new records...
Posted by CherNic, Thu Sep-03-20 08:24 AM
esp when that SOTT drop was close to 300, I don't give a damn about anybody's unreleased music that much.
3026713, it's relative i guess
Posted by thebigfunk, Thu Sep-03-20 01:01 PM
It's true that it comes out to 30 a pop, about standard for a well-assembled vinyl release today...

But that in itself is a sort of surprising turn in music sales, isn't it? When CDs at their peak were 18 or less, 12 bucks on a good sale.

I don't know, I'm feeling old and grumpy today... lol. BACK IN MY DAY...


~ i could still snort you under the table ~
3026718, I feel you. I pay $10 a month for Apple Music and I don't mind one bit
Posted by CherNic, Thu Sep-03-20 03:35 PM
3026711, theres really no logical reasoning for spending any money on vinyl
Posted by mista k5, Thu Sep-03-20 10:07 AM
but here we are lol

if this was my favorite artist dropping $180 for 6 albums that i love? i would say ouch as i click order lol its not bad. im just used to packages of products being cheaper than solo pieces so i was looking to see some discount for buying them together. not sure that ever happens with any media though. maybe movies years after the bundle was released.

if tommy boy made it right with de la and released their 6 TB albums in a set??? yeah id drop the $180, probably more. even though i already have good copies of all of them. i wouldnt be mad at all if it was cheaper though lol
3026722, RE: theres really no logical reasoning for spending any money on vinyl
Posted by Options, Thu Sep-03-20 10:49 PM
>im just used to packages of products being cheaper than solo pieces so i was looking to see some discount for buying them together.

this. I clicked the link expecting ~$20+ an album — especially since they're all single LPs. if all these joints were out of print and really hard to come by, I'd get it, but that's not the case. think I gotta pass on this.

my theory is that a lot of these companies are banking on this new generation of vinyl enthusiasm and nailing these kids who don't know that $35 for a double LP is, like, really high.*

in the case of Sade fans, who skew older, they're likely going for die-hards who DGAF.

*(I've dipped my toe into the world of video game soundtracks on vinyl and this is rampant. the OSTs to the Street Fighter III series were just released; 4LPs for nearly 100 bucks PLUS shipping.)
3026733, yeah, i'm really tryna do math on this
Posted by murderbear, Fri Sep-04-20 01:58 PM
I have halfway decent copies of the first three albums, I REALLY want the 4th album, but it ain't gonna make or break me if I own the 5th and 6th....I'm sure they're both cool, but my time of being a Sade fan really just spans the first 4.

Anyway, the 4th album is hard to get on vinyl, i believe, mostly because it was released at a time when vinyl was dead. So I'm spending $180 to have that plus complete a collection...ORRRR I could spend $80-$100 just to get the 4th album through discogs maybe

$30 an album x six...but would i really pay 30 for any of the first 3 if i saw them in a store? doubtful.

I'm hoping that there's an opportunity to buy individual represses down the line
3026710, i was JUST thinking about her/them...
Posted by Voodoochilde, Thu Sep-03-20 09:06 AM
I was saying...you know what the world could use right now?
a Brand New SADE album to sooth the soul...

well, while THIS aint THAT (unfortunately for me :)) , it is pretty cool just the same....

i wont be coping it (no working turntable) but seems groovy for all you vinyl heads...i can image how good & warm some of those fantastic Sade albums will sound on hi quality wax on a good system....

now...back to that idea/craving/need for an album of NEW Sade music...?
3026712, I tweeted about a new album last week :(
Posted by CherNic, Thu Sep-03-20 10:33 AM
Something about a new Sade album to sage the world lol.

3026721, just started a vinyl collection and this needs to be in it...
Posted by wrecknoble, Thu Sep-03-20 10:10 PM
3026723, $180 is pretty damn steep. It's not like her records are rare.
Posted by mrhood75, Fri Sep-04-20 12:27 AM
You can probably find them on vinyl for like $5 to $10 a pop.
3026737, RE: $180 is pretty damn steep. It's not like her records are rare.
Posted by funklectic, Fri Sep-04-20 04:00 PM
except for Love Deluxe - which has probably inspired them to think they can get away with such a steep price for the boxset.

3026738, I was gonna post something to this effect, but deleted it...
Posted by third_i_vision, Fri Sep-04-20 05:15 PM
I was all “COMMON ASS SADE RECORDS FOR $5 ALL DAY”....and then I checked the Discogs listings for her last two records (I haven’t heard).

Joints go for $100 a pop, easy.

And yeah Love Deluxe was never released on vinyl in the US.

I wasn’t gonna be copping anyway, but yeah that trip to Discogs was an eye-opener.
3026739, damn I didn't realize the price tag...
Posted by wrecknoble, Fri Sep-04-20 09:36 PM
3026741, They are rare though
Posted by Hitokiri, Sat Sep-05-20 12:17 AM
Outside of that Best of Sade joint, you won't really come across their albums in the record store.
3026724, I'll probably get this (I'm still thinking.. )
Posted by jimi, Fri Sep-04-20 08:12 AM
I have maybe one or 2 of these albums already so I don't know..

I do love me some Sade tho

I damn near cried when I saw the price of the SOTT super deluxe set...