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Fri Feb-04-22 12:13 PM

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21. "I think you nailed what dude is trying to do"
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>I just watched the mayor of LA (biden ambassador nominee) use
>"I held my breath for photos" as an excuse for being
>photographed maskless at the Rams game (Gov Newsom was also
>there in maskless photos). He answered this AT a press conf at
>Sofi so he knew he'd be asked this question. this was his
>prepared answer lol
>yes it's a huge nothingburger that will literally affect no
>one, and Garcetti could have just let it go and took his
>lumps, and we'd have forgotten about it by the weekend, but he
>couldn't do that so now he's turned himself into fucking meme.
>but from Newsom going to fancy dinners to Nancy needing her
>hair did, to Kente cloths, to dna tests to prove my .001%
>native americanness, when did dems get so terrible at this?
>And whatever the things that they are doing correctly, when
>did they get so bad at communicating it? Yeah, alot of these
>things are inconsequential with disproportionate political
>cost, esp as opposed to say, Ted Cruz literally fleeing his
>state while it was in crisis, and only getting dragged on
>twitter a few days for it... but it's not like D's are free of
>actual corruption
>So while i agree with your sentiment that relying on sure
>losers will just make things worse, how much of this is just
>on "the establishment" to do better? And how? I'm not really
>someone that thinks they need to veer more left but how do
>they veer less awful? they can't just keep getting by on being
>the least bad option.

Just make everything else looks so much worse in comparison, and refuse to talk about actual Democrat failures....

Rather than have an honest discussion about how Democrats/the Biden admin have not met the moment by any stretch of the imagination....

He'd rather create a new thread about progressives.

Or blame the pandemic still raging entirely on the unvaxxed.

Or blame voters for the SC situation.


Type of shit is why folks on here call him an op. Shell game shit.

I'm down to talk about the faults of the Bernie brand of progressive. Down to criticize anti-science, selfish idiots who wont' get vaxxed. Etc

But this admin has failed left and right. You have to be on the payroll or on some straight up politics team agenda blind loyalty bullshit to not see or admit it.

And yeah the consultants are garbage but these "leaders" are actually making these choices.

It wasn't a consultant officiating a billionaire's wedding draped in gold, it was Nancy.

It wasn't a consultant screaming free market! was Nancy.

It wasn't a consultant telling everyone to take their masks off cuz you won't get/spread COVID if was Joe.

It wasn't a consultant renewing Trump's awful border policies, it was Joe.

Where's the rage?

Crazy that certain dudes on here not only hold progressives, but also the gotdamned GOP, to a higher standard than their own team.

Pandemic raging. Attempted coup still ongoing. Nothing on immigration. Actually, continued Trump policies. Kids still in cages, etc. Democrat "leaders" out here getting caught being hypocrites. The list goes on.

Shit in real life that is happening right fucking now that is actually hurting people...

But "look over here at unvaxxed/progressives/etc"

SMH disappointing


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A Serious Post About The 'Progressive' Approach To Politics [View all] , Reeq, Thu Jan-27-22 05:51 PM
Subject Author Message Date ID
dont mind if i do
Jan 27th 2022
you kind of proved his point
Jan 27th 2022
Show me the law that says there can only be 2 parties
Jan 27th 2022
      Duverger’s Law is PoliSci 101
Jan 27th 2022
      Again, I fully agree with everything you are saying
Jan 28th 2022
           because there is none
Feb 08th 2022
                *nods furiously*
Feb 08th 2022
how do you amass political power without amassing political power?
Jan 28th 2022
You refer to AOC as 'my boo'
Jan 28th 2022
I don't under the "Dems Suck" strategy
Jan 28th 2022
I worked for Bernie in 2016
Feb 04th 2022
      in what capacity?
Feb 04th 2022
      Bree is insufferable
Feb 04th 2022
           how so? It's interesting how Black women like Briahna
Feb 04th 2022
From a centrist dickhead? No thanks.
Jan 28th 2022
Jan 28th 2022
Bernie is trash tho....nm
Feb 04th 2022
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This times a million (nm)
Jan 28th 2022
I'll bite
Jan 28th 2022
They need to get better at lying
Jan 28th 2022
is it more on the establishment to get their shit together tho?
Feb 03rd 2022
      I appreciate reeq. my reply wasn't really about him
Feb 04th 2022
           RE: I appreciate reeq. my reply wasn't really about him
Feb 05th 2022
The whole progressive movement is a scam
Feb 04th 2022
Dems control everything and progressives are the scam?
Feb 04th 2022
"Scam" would seem to imply people are making money
Feb 04th 2022
moderates are expected to win with the money they raise tho.
Feb 04th 2022
      nina turner grifter ?
Feb 05th 2022
      This is *very* telling:
Feb 05th 2022
      Ok. and what are their large $$ Donors expecting them to
Feb 05th 2022
      lol, is this real?
Feb 06th 2022
wrong. the 'moderate' movement is the real scam
Feb 08th 2022
This had potential - but your approach is disingenuous
Feb 04th 2022
It becomes dangerous when they veer into foreign policy too
Feb 05th 2022
cosplay opposition.
Feb 05th 2022
Yep. Somehow they’re experts on every story too
Feb 07th 2022
Not a fan of Ana,Kyle,Jacobin,or Putin, but what exactly is the problem
Feb 07th 2022
      Because our other adversaries are watching. Very Closely
Feb 08th 2022
           just want to reiterate everyhing i said pre-invasion still applies
May 20th 2022
pessimistic about Nina round 2, I think Fetterman wins in PA
Feb 08th 2022
Briahna defending Tucker Carlson1?!?
May 19th 2022
She’s insufferable
May 19th 2022
But this is a new turn for her right?!?!
May 19th 2022
I am shocked
May 20th 2022
This is a 18 minute long segment. Did you watch all of it?
May 20th 2022
Bernie's approach is not progressive. Progression doesn't look
May 19th 2022
When did he insist this?
May 20th 2022
the moderates control everything. Even the progressives.
May 20th 2022
I think this idea of immediate gratification is a dream.
May 20th 2022
      The democrat moderates in office are
May 20th 2022

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