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Subject: "gonna see my sister, mom, niece and nephew finally" Previous topic | Next topic
mista k5
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Fri Aug-07-20 11:45 AM

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20. "gonna see my sister, mom, niece and nephew finally"
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my sister finally got called back to work so before she starts she decided to drive across texas to visit my brother and i. we all pretty much stay in hour houses. i think we will mostly just spend our time at my brothers house while theyre here. still risky but cant say im not excited.

very last minute but im with it. seeing my other nephew as well. only missing my brother from SC. went ahead and gave myself a haircut last night. i think it was the quickest one ive done and i think it turned out pretty good.

if only my car stereo didnt give out yesterday this would be a pretty perfect weekend lol


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** CONFESSION WEDNESDAY ** [View all] , Geah, Thu Aug-06-20 11:04 PM
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I made the wake up list...
Aug 05th 2020
My mom just told me over Duo that it looks like I don't comb my hair!
Aug 05th 2020
Only option is to pop up on her ...
Aug 08th 2020
seems like this year im feeling my age more than usual
Aug 05th 2020
I've never understood why The Roots fell under "conscious rap" category.
Aug 06th 2020
It’s because they didn’t fit in the other boxes
Aug 06th 2020
We hired a new VP.
Aug 06th 2020
im petty. too petty probably.
Aug 06th 2020
I've been going out far more than I should be
Aug 07th 2020
So people can’t talk shit about Biden on here anymore?
Aug 07th 2020
They can talk shit about Biden
Aug 07th 2020
So if they used the Complex article shitting on him over this
Aug 07th 2020
      No because the source would still be right wing.
Aug 07th 2020
nah yall just cant do it disingenuously and agenda'd spin
Aug 07th 2020
I get that..
Aug 07th 2020
      It's interesting who gets to decide what is free speech or not
Aug 07th 2020
           I just think with politics
Aug 07th 2020
           Do you think the first amendment is about message board
Aug 07th 2020
you can still lie on here
Aug 07th 2020
I wish we could mute/block people on here
Aug 07th 2020
Word- i saw my mom for the first time in 5-6 months last week
Aug 07th 2020
Aug 10th 2020

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