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Thu Aug-06-20 10:28 AM

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"This Georgia School hallway photo is insane"


and the administration says students will get suspensions or get expelled if they refuse to go to school.

They are intentionally trying to get people sick.

Behind a viral photo of a crowded hallway at a high school in Georgia, a potentially dire situation is brewing. Students, teachers, and parents fear the Paulding County school’s rushed reopening plans may be spiraling out of control just two days after students — who said they were told they could face expulsion for remaining home — returned to class despite reports of positive coronavirus cases among students and staff.

North Paulding High School, about an hour outside Atlanta, reopened Monday despite an outbreak among members of its high school football team, many of whom, a Facebook video shows, worked out together in a crowded indoor gym last week as part of a weightlifting fundraiser.


My sister lost her teaching gig in AStL due to budget cuts. Prolly a blessing in disguise.

TBH the fact that you're even a mod here fits squarely within Jag's narrative of OK-sanctioned aggression, bullying, and toxicity. *shrug*


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This Georgia School hallway photo is insane [View all] , legsdiamond, Thu Aug-06-20 10:28 AM
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this shit will be such a mess.
Aug 06th 2020
a “safe” return to school just isn’t practical right now
Aug 06th 2020
Wife’s school made teachers come in today to conduct zoom meetings
Aug 06th 2020
You country is fucked up. I hope we keep the border closed for a full ye...
Aug 06th 2020
RE: You country is fucked up. I hope we keep the border closed for a ful...
Aug 08th 2020
the student who shared the photo was suspended.
Aug 06th 2020
That sounds illegal
Aug 06th 2020
I imagine they have a policy about social media.
Aug 06th 2020
      The photo would look normal without the 7 kids wearing masks.
Aug 07th 2020
was gonna post this but i wasn't sure if it was confirmed
Aug 06th 2020
      the school walked it back...
Aug 07th 2020
      all they did was free her up to do a few rounds of media.
Aug 07th 2020
      Girl was suspended, but the school "reversed" it today
Aug 07th 2020
           yup. they looked even worse after suspending her.
Aug 08th 2020
helllllll naw.
Aug 06th 2020
we just need more death
Aug 08th 2020
They won't care
Aug 08th 2020
      that wont do it either
Aug 10th 2020
Paulding high school reports 9 COVID-19 cases
Aug 08th 2020
9 *so far. Something like 97k kids nationwide in the past two weeks
Aug 09th 2020
9 confirmed cases:
Aug 09th 2020
the school will be closed a couple of days
Aug 09th 2020
Deep cleaning THE AIR?????
Aug 09th 2020
      those folks clearly don't know wtf they're doing.
Aug 09th 2020
      deep cleaning is such an April covid response.
Aug 09th 2020
Aug 10th 2020
           This Atlantic article was huge for the place I work
Aug 10th 2020

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