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Wed Oct-07-15 07:38 AM

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"Mother of Oregon shooter a gun enthusiast"


Neighbors in Southern California have said that Ms. Harper and her son would go to shooting ranges together, something Ms. Harper seemed to confirm in one of her online posts. She talked about the importance of firearms safety and said she learned a lot through target shooting, expressing little patience with unprepared gun owners: “When I’m at the range, I cringe every time the ‘wannabes’ show up.”

In addition to talking about guns, Ms. Harper, 64, was a prolific commenter in online forums dealing with medical issues, frequently answering questions from strangers with a tone of empathy and concern. She expressed having expertise in autism, saying that both she and her son — whom she never identified by name — had Asperger’s syndrome.

Consoling another parent seeking help with disruptive behavior by an autistic child, Ms. Harper said that her own son “was, among other things, a head-banger” when he was younger and was initially given a misdiagnosis of attention deficit disorder. But over time, he had learned to cope and was doing better, she wrote: “I was in your shoes and now my son’s in college.”

she bragged online about having loaded AK 47 clips in case anyone tried to "drop in"

here is my question. when you have a kid that is a head banger, autism, etc... is a gun range a good idea? The Sandy Hook mother did the same with her kid.

TBH the fact that you're even a mod here fits squarely within Jag's narrative of OK-sanctioned aggression, bullying, and toxicity. *shrug*


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Mother of Oregon shooter a gun enthusiast [View all] , legsdiamond, Wed Oct-07-15 07:38 AM
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Oct 07th 2015
it sounds funny but I' serious...
Oct 07th 2015
      Guns for them is a part of life
Oct 07th 2015
           It's like the American Sniper who took that dude he knew was a Nut to
Oct 07th 2015
Is she the black parent?
Oct 07th 2015
Oct 07th 2015
I thought the Oregon shooter had his own guns
Oct 07th 2015
      it was my understanding he didnt have a job
Oct 07th 2015
I wanna see a pic of this black woman
Oct 07th 2015
Oct 07th 2015
Oct 07th 2015
Sandyhook mom took her kid to the range also
Oct 07th 2015
gun enthusiast parents are kinda like overbearing sports parents...
Oct 07th 2015
CNN is saying the mother claims to have autism too...
Oct 07th 2015
ugh, whatever happened to the term gun nut?
Oct 07th 2015

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