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Tue Feb-24-15 03:14 PM

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"how do you handle this folks (kinda long) "



ok so my eye doctor is SERIOUSLY pissing me off...

so back in December the 23rd to be exact... i called him and said hey I have a frame I want to get are you able to get it... he said let me check called me back and said yup I can no problem at all...

now some back story for this... he had been having some issues and was going through some serious personal issues... now he and I talked and became friends... he was going through a divorce and having some financial issues so I felt for dude as during this time I was experiencing some personal issues as well so we would talk and be the others sounding boards when necessary... he is also the doctor who gave Kyle is first pair of glasses so... i have been going to this guy for like 8 yrs at this point...
so at the time that I ordered the glasses I was able to use 3 sets of benefits and I knew I was leaving two of those plans so getting this order in was very important...

fast forward to Feb 24th I STILL DON'T HAVE MY GLASSES
so I call daily... now here is why I am kinda screwed so since I am no longer on those plans and the request has been submitted for me to get my glasses I can't take my business elsewhere bc I lose out on getting my glasses and using my benefits

so I went to dude 2 weeks ago and was like yo what's the deal
he said I will have them in 6 days that was 2 weeks ago... i call and request a callback daily and don't get one... he told me the last time i physically spoke to him oh bc of the weather and they were on their way... that was Monday of last week

now if this was not a friend I'd be on his door step raising hell.. I am really trying to be a friend and not kill this guys business bc he confided in me that if he gets one more complaint to some board he basically has to shut down for 6-12 months...

now I have already made the decision that I'm NEVER going to him again that's final... but at this point reporting it to the board or bbb... I honestly just want my glasses and be done with dude i aint trying to ruin his life... but it's been 2 months and if I don't get them soon the authorization for payment is no longer valid... and boom no glasses and I have to use my new benefits before I want to.

so yeah how would u handle this.

I got a good life man


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how do you handle this folks (kinda long) [View all] , esb225, Tue Feb-24-15 03:14 PM
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depends if it's his fault or your insurer's fault...recently...
Feb 24th 2015
this aint insurance
Feb 24th 2015
      you threw me off when you mentioned benefits....
Feb 24th 2015
      his credit is almost definitely fucked the fuck up....
Feb 24th 2015
           it's not urgent and no I haven't given him a dime for said glasses
Feb 24th 2015
punch him in the face
Feb 24th 2015
Feb 24th 2015

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