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Mon Aug-03-09 01:07 PM

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2. "Show Review"
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It was indeed a GREAT show. Amazing performances, and the lead in off of Bedouin Soundclash was great. The music that led into The Roots was all Slum Village tracks which was obviously a tribute to Baatin (and J Dilla).

The first track The Roots led with was Thought @ Work, which was appropriate as well with the line "Whaddup n**** T3, n**** Baatin". At first I was expecting a Slum Village tribute, but I understand that considering Baatin only passed away last night there wouldn't be much prep time. Also, (no offense intended) the crowd at Kitchener probably wouldn't really appreciate the tribute that much.

I won't ruin the show for anyone else who sees them this year, but it was incredible... great setlist and the performance was definitely different from last year during the Rising Down tour. Last year's Roots show at Kool Haus was the greatest hip-hop show I had ever been too. This year's didn't top it for me, but it was definitely up there. I would say that this show was a lot more upbeat and "dance-able" than last year's show.

The funniest thing was seeing people mosh and crowd surf to "Mellow My Man". Definitely odd. It made a lot of sense during "Thought @ Work" and "Here I Come" though.

I was very impressed by the show though and am totally glad I drove 120 km to see them. I didn't meet any Okayplayers though (I even threw up the okay hand sign!)... but there were definitely a bunch of people from Toronto there.

Did anyone see what the sign that a person near the front of the crowd held up at the end of the show that ?uestlove laughed at?

Anyone get a drum stick? I wasn't looking when he threw the second one, and when I turned around, all I saw was people grabbing next to my feet and then I saw the drumstick too late. I WAS REALLY close! Hahaha... better luck next time.

DJ Tang-a-Lang


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The Roots @ Kitchener, Ontario for CEMF [View all] , MapleHutt, Thu Jul-30-09 04:25 AM
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