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Subject: "I was in Boston/Mansfield, MA for the show..." Previous topic | Next topic
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Sun Jul-19-09 02:32 AM

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2. "I was in Boston/Mansfield, MA for the show..."
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Sun Jul-19-09 02:32 AM by ChampD1012



they changed up the set list times...alot of people missed Common and The Roots because of it...

Since it was on two stages, people leave to see people and come back to find out that made a switch...

The two biggest ones for me was when House of Pain and Common swapped slots and when The Roots and Big Boi swapped. I left to go see M.O.P. thinking that House of Pain was doing their set. Went back to the main stage after M.O.P was done and Common was almost finished. I was hurt. He was one of the main reasons for me going.

I was lucky to catch the roots. If I didn't have interest to see Big Boi, i would have missed them too...because the second swap happened. When I saw the instruments come out, i knew that wasn't Big Boi. I just hope next year, they just have one stage. Or if they have two stages again, I suggest rethinking who you put on the main stage vs. the paid dues stage.

I wanted to see Raekwon, but I wasn't gonna miss the Roots show to see him. And I wanted to see RZA, but I wasn't willing to risk missing Big Boi. I don't understand why Wu Tang wasn't on the main stage. That made no sense to me. Other than that, it was ok. The Roots held it down as usual and DJ Dummy did well for Common. I am pretty sure Common held it down even though I missed it. I didn't stay for the entire Nas/Damien Marley set because I wanted to beat traffic out of the Comcast Center.


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Why No Reviews from any Rock the Bells Shows? [View all] , jtree11, Mon Jul-13-09 08:24 AM
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I'm thinking it wasn't as live as last years ...
Jul 16th 2009
RE: I was in Boston/Mansfield, MA for the show...
Jul 19th 2009
Jul 19th 2009
I refuse to read this.
Jul 22nd 2009
The lineup switches definitely threw me for a loop
Jul 19th 2009
      i missed Common b/c i wanted to see M.O.P
Jul 19th 2009
           Yeah, they need to at least announce those changes.
Jul 20th 2009
                I don't know how they did Rock the Bells in the past
Jul 20th 2009
                     This was the 3rd year in a row that I saw RTB and this year
Jul 21st 2009
                          On the real tho Raekwon's set was WACK AS FUCK! If he woulda
Jul 21st 2009
                               I caught DJ Dummy's set...and saw Common finished...
Jul 23rd 2009
Uppin. Ain't none of ya'll niggas go? I went to the Boston show.
Jul 23rd 2009
Went to the Chicago show
Jul 23rd 2009

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