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Subject: "Tween and Sexy?" This topic is locked.
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Mon Jan-17-05 06:44 AM

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"Tween and Sexy?"


I was watching on Canadian tv a show about tweens'purchase power
and how especially little girls are bombarded with sexy images.
I must admit I was shocked how some of the little girls looked.
What I mistook for 15-16 yr old girls were 11 yr olds.
They were wearing heels, tight and short clothing, makeup.
They were wearing sex bracelets with each colour representing a sex act,
blue for fellatio, red for flashing,etc...
I don't really have a problem if these kids were 15 or 16 but 11?
I mean, did they have get a chance to have a childhood? Do 10 yr olds need
dating tips? There was this store that sold push up bras for the junior set
and a bra for girls who will not develop breasts for a few years to come...

I mean, I think of myself as somewhat liberal but that show got me scared.
If I had a daughter, I would not want her tothink she is only a sexual

Are the parents to blame? In a few cases, the parents had diverging ideas.
One mom mentionned her strict Italian education as the reason why she would
let her daughter enjoy her youth as much as she could, letting her wear
clothes that are not age approppriate. Meanwhile, the father was disagreeing.

Companies use what they call "age compression" to increase their market,
pushing non age-appropriate toys and clothes to children who want to emulate
their favourite stars. Who is to blame? the parents, MTV?

It'funny how the boys still look very young compared to the girls in their class.
Why do a 10-yr old need a t-shirt with the slogan "Boy Crazy" or with
house shoes with the word SEXY embroidered on them.



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Tween and Sexy? [View all] , raool, Mon Jan-17-05 06:44 AM
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If they make their own money it's cool
Jan 17th 2005
I disagree
Jan 18th 2005
      Role models can only do so much
Mar 07th 2005
i've been thinking more and more about...
Jan 17th 2005
Jan 17th 2005
      word? I thought that puberty in women was triggered
Mar 06th 2005
the sexualization of children in society
Jan 17th 2005
RE: the sexualization of children in society
Jan 18th 2005
      RE: the sexualization of children in society
Feb 14th 2005
           Well, it's documented. I don't know that it's a valid
Mar 06th 2005
This is a deeply complex issue
Jan 18th 2005
Jan 22nd 2005
the problem is the moniker.
Jan 22nd 2005
be prepared for a chrisdefendorf solution to this problem
Feb 14th 2005
You have to understand that in today's society.
Mar 06th 2005
i don't think the opposite is better
Mar 07th 2005
      Did I imply that somehow?
Mar 07th 2005
           womanhood shouldn't be defined by virtue
Mar 08th 2005
                womanhood can't be defined by puberty either.
Apr 01st 2005
                     i feel you on that...
Apr 06th 2005
Sinc yall love talkin about baby mamas here's the source
Apr 08th 2005
RE: Tween and Sexy?
Apr 08th 2005

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