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Subject: "Links?" This topic is locked.
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Mon Aug-14-00 07:16 PM

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1. "Links?"
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I can't really give ya' a perspective on what it is like to be mistaken for Mexican when in truth one is Native American. But I have a few questions for anyone who reads this post.

Is there a cultural and genetic link between Native American peoples(as a whole) and those of Mexican descent? Or is there a link only when talking about Southwestern tribes and people of Mexican descent? Would a person from a tribe that resided in what is now considered North Dakota have the same link to those of Mexican descent? I ask this out of curiosity and lack of knowledge.

Do the Incas have a strong connection to the Shawnee?

At first glance I thought it would be obvious that there are too many cultural and language barriers to consider Native American people and people of Mexican descent as one. However I think Uncle Ant brings up a good comparison between those of African descent in America and those outside of America. Are the differences only do to the location of the people?

Just rattling some ?'s and really just bringing up the same ?'s Uncle Ant has brought up. Wish I could help more but due to my lack of education on the subject I am clueless.


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