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Subject: "hmmm..." This topic is locked.
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Wed Aug-16-00 03:47 AM

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4. "hmmm..."
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>hello all...
>theres a skit on blackalicious' nia,
>right before shallow days, in
>which a speech on black
>unity is being given.
>the guy goes on to
>say that black people in
>america are no different than
>black people outside of america--that
>they indeed are brothers and
>sisters. my question is
>this: does the same
>thing apply to native americans
>and the hispanic population?
>what is the difference between
>the two, aside from a
>border and language difference?
>theres also cultural differences, but
>theres the same differences between
>canadian white people and american
>white people, and i dont
>think too many people distinguish
>between those two.
>im of the choctaw tribe myself,
>and its a common occurence
>for someone to mistake me
>for being mexican (i live
>in texas, and people just
>assume). its annoying to
>constantly have your culture questioned,
>especially when that same culture
>is almost dead anyway, but
>lately ive just been questioning
>the whole issue a lot.

do you feel an affinity with mexican/chicano culture? do you feel that there are many similarities between choctaw culture and mexican culture? or are you only mistaken as mexican because of the way you look? btw, the reason that people probably assume you're mexican is because the stereotypical "mexican look" is someone with indigenous features.

>so should native american people consider
>themselves hispanic as well?
>and vice versa? what
>exactly is the difference?
>are we really that different?

i'm not really sure. generally, the term "hispanic/latino" refers to people who live in the western hemisphere who come from countries where the primary language is spanish. (i know someone's going to scream on me for saying that, but let's be realistic: if you use the term latino or hispanic, you're generally not thinking of someone who's haitian, brazilian, or spanish.) now here's the tricky part: much of what is now the south western united states used to be part of mexico. i don't know if any indigenous groups in that area consider themselves to be latinos because of the border change. i've never heard of it, but then again i live in ny so i don't really know.

i realize i've probably asked more questions than answered them, but i hope this helps somewhat.


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