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Subject: "RE: Abortion" This topic is locked.
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26. "RE: Abortion"
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>>"I heard a hoe say Ice
>>Cube's her favorite i
>>had to smack her" -Common

Maybe I just wasted my breath,
>this quote really shows me
>that you are "down" for
>the cause of women's advancement...right...

You have got to be kidding me... You don't know me or nothing about how i feel about the cause of women's advancement. First off if you don't like the quote then your problem is with Common. If i recall Common had a song called "Retrospect for Life" that gave his views on the abortion issue. But then again, he's a man so he doesn't know shit. And he smacked a women on his new album so he must hate women. How about you don't make assumptions about me and after you read this you can write a letter to Common and tell him how he is sexist and oppresses women.

>How is it that you get
>to dictate the definition of
>"life" for everybody? It
>is still hotly contested whether
>a fetus is a viable,
>living entity until about the
>sixth month of pregnancy.
>Until the matter is finitely
>decided and backed with concrete
>scientific (not religious) proof, then
>the fact is women deserve
>a choice...

I don't feel that I get to dictate the definition of "life". I just feel that the word concieve, by definition means begin. So based on that i feel that life begins at conception (whether we recognize it as our definition of life or not)

Right-wing Christians bombing
>clinics and shit, when they're
>the same cats who make
>a woman feel like she's
>a sinner to have a
>child out of wedlock...same thing
>with the Muslims (Nation of
>Islam folks included because I
>heard Farrakhan give a speech
>about a woman choosing a
>"good man to lie down
>with," but he failed to
>mention the responsibility of that
>"good man" to only lie
>down with someone he wants
>to be committed to as
>well). Men have successfully
>turned preganacy and femalehood into
>a liability in order to
>continue to subjugate women, just
>as "blackness" is a liability
>in a white world.
>For people like
>you the solution is "Well,
>these women should close their
>legs then." Why aren't
>men ever admonished to keep
>their dicks in their pants?
Well if Christians are bombing abortion clinics and killing people...that would be murder. I think i've stated that i'm not cool with murder. As far as the male role in this I do think that brothaz should keep it in their pants. But if we had better education and community responsibility then many of these abortions would not be necessary. So we need to look at ourselves in the mirror. If more people were waiting to have sex until they were in a committed relationship(high school does not count)Then pregnency and abortion would be something they would be talking about and would be clear on. Maybe my moral views are starting to show through, but i feel sex is for 2 committed people as is pregnancy and child raising.. If brothaz would stop trying to fuck everything with a vagina then the problem would indeed start to remedy itself.

> You're against abortion, but
>are you willing to relinquish
>your male privilege to help
>women in their struggle for


>Women don't "feel" that a fetus
>isn't technically alive. It's
>been proven.

So you are the spokesperson for all women now??

>In standing
>against abortion, without even addressing
>the other political issues involved
>in a woman's choice, you
>are standing for every sexist
>institution that continually beats women
>down, just for being women.
> You don't believe in
>men oppressing women, but that's
>exactly what you are advocating.
> Your are revelling in
>your male privilege and forcing
>women to "stay in their
>place" and the hypocrisy of
>brothers who claim to be
>for the cause makes me

When did i say anything about women staying in their place. I don't think that being pro-life is beating down women. I am 100% for women to be free of the oppression that they have faced by the hand of males for so long. And you were right in stating that we need more women in positions of power. But everything has a balance. I also did not go in depth about the social conditions that make abortions sometimes neccessary. I dont think a women should have to be forced to carry a child that she had no say in the conception of (Rape) and i don't think that women should have to carry a child if her life is in danger. The society in which we life is bullshit. But i don't think niggaz should be killing each other over tennis shoes, no matter what the socail conditions are. I don't think niggaz should be fuckin' up their communities by selling crack. But then agian i'm not a drug dealer so i should have no say in people fuckin' up my neighborhood right? Whatever makes you feel good just do i guess is the motto for some.
>No one has the "right" to
>tell a woman what to
>do with her body,

When there is another person is in your body you have the "moral" duty(assuming you have morals) to provide teh best possible invironment for the child. No drinking, no smoking, and no killiing the child also.

Props 2 my Fam...The Badd Azz Muthafuckaz
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Ya'll Know tha Motto Murder on that Azz!!

"I heard a hoe say Ice Cube's her favorite i had to smack her" -Common (Sense)

"Crack iz back in tha hood" - Andre 3000



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