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Subject: "RE: Abortion" This topic is locked.
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20. "RE: Abortion"
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> You don't see how purposely
>ending the life of another
>human being is murder?

How is it that you get to dictate the definition of "life" for everybody? It is still hotly contested whether a fetus is a viable, living entity until about the sixth month of pregnancy. Until the matter is finitely decided and backed with concrete scientific (not religious) proof, then the fact is women deserve a choice...

> I am pro-life

You mean "anti-choice," because I am "pro-life" to the extent that I believe every child has the right to be loved, needed, nurtured, provided for, and above all, wanted. What is "life" without these elements? Come on, give me your best philosphical analysis.

>and personally
>i get very angry when
>I hear women say things
>like "You're a man so
>you have no say" or
>"You wouldn't know what it's
>like cuz' you're a man"
>They act like just because
>i am a man, i
>have no opinon, thoughts, convictions
>or voice. They might as
>well as "You're a nigger
>so you have no business
>attending school" I believe that
>abortion is murder.

I wonder if you like it when white folks tell you how you should behave and what you should believe in regards to race and discrimination. Face it, you don't know what it's like to carry baby. Nor do you know what it is to have the burden of being solely responsible for doing so. It's just like white folks who, no matter how they try, will never, ever fully understand the struggle of being black in America. I define "white privilege" as the choice to not be conscious of race, or not to be conscious at all. Pregnancy is a way in which men can use their "male privilege" in that, if a male helps conceive a child, at any point in time he can pick up and leave...whether he will or he won't is another issue, but the fact is he has the CHOICE. It's funny how brothers seem so clear-headed when it comes race, but will stand on a sister's neck with the same patriarchal bullshit that he complains about suffering under the power of the white male. I think it's completely ignorant for people to advocate getting rid of abortion WITHOUT addressing the underlying social, political, and economical sexism that makes abortion a reality in this day and age. Do you think it's just a coincidence that abortion happened to become such a big deal during the Women's Liberation Movement during the late 60s and early 70s? Right-wing Christians bombing clinics and shit, when they're the same cats who make a woman feel like she's a sinner to have a child out of wedlock...same thing with the Muslims (Nation of Islam folks included because I heard Farrakhan give a speech about a woman choosing a "good man to lie down with," but he failed to mention the responsibility of that "good man" to only lie down with someone he wants to be committed to as well). Men have successfully turned preganacy and femalehood into a liability in order to continue to subjugate women, just as "blackness" is a liability in a white world. It's hard enough for women to compete with men in the market, imagine how much more disparate that would be if every woman that was pregnant had a child. This world is not designed for women with children to do well for themselves and be self-sufficient so that they can provide for their children, plan for their children in a way that those children deserve. For people like you the solution is "Well, these women should close their legs then." Why aren't men ever admonished to keep their dicks in their pants?

Maybe when there is actually some modicum of gender equality and women are treated the same and have the same opportunities regardless of having children, maybe then abortion won't be needed as a way of equalizing the playing field. You're against abortion, but are you willing to relinquish your male privilege to help women in their struggle for equality?

Regardless of all of this, my primary feeling is that a woman has the right to choose whether she's ready for motherhood the same way a man gets to choose if he's ready for fatherhood. He has the choice to walk away (and there are many who do), why shouldn't she?

My problem with abortion
>is that it implies that
>the women somehow has greater
>rights than the baby. And
>i have a problem with
>one group of people who
>feel that by nature they
>are superior to another group-whether
>it be whites oppressing blacks,
>men opressing women, people who
>are unfair to those who
>are disabled, and even women
>who feel they are superior
>over a baby that they
>feel isn't technicaly alive.

Women don't "feel" that a fetus isn't technically alive. It's been proven. In standing against abortion, without even addressing the other political issues involved in a woman's choice, you are standing for every sexist institution that continually beats women down, just for being women. You don't believe in men oppressing women, but that's exactly what you are advocating. Your are revelling in your male privilege and forcing women to "stay in their place" and the hypocrisy of brothers who claim to be for the cause makes me sick.

>No one has the "RIGHT"
>to end another persons existence.
>By the way...i'm not for
>the death penalty (usless dude
>kills like 127 people)

No one has the "right" to tell a woman what to do with her body, especially when women are not adequately represented in the law-making bodies of this country.

>"I heard a hoe say Ice
>Cube's her favorite i
>had to smack her" -Common

Maybe I just wasted my breath, this quote really shows me that you are "down" for the cause of women's advancement...right...



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