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Subject: "Stop waiting" This topic is locked.
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Sat Jul-14-01 07:54 AM

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2. "Stop waiting"
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That's my advice. Go get yourself some nice psychotherapy, so that you can banish the memory of Black Star from your mind.

It's going to be a loooong wait. By all indications Mos is releasing two albums BEFORE the Black Star album. Kweli is working on HIS solo now too. I'm pretending that the group never existed, so that I can preserve my sanity.

If I had to make a prediction, I'd say mid to late 2K2. To put it in perspective: Common, The Roots and Black Thought will ALL have released albums by the time we start to hear rumblings about a new Black Star project.

And to be real with you, I'm kind of torn on this. Should they give the people what they want and throw the Black Star project into their already hectic schedules? Or should they wait until they've got this other stuff out of the way so that they can sit down and make a cohesive classic.

I tend to hope for the latter, even though the long wait is torture. I figure the only thing worse than NO Black Star album is a BAD Black Star album, and that's exactly what we might get if they don't give the effort the proper effort.

In the meantime, listen to Mos and Kweli's various b-sides and collabos. I'm certain one of the Mos projects will make it out by fall/winter (a lot closer than it sounds). Mos is supposedly gonna be on the new Macy. Common and Thought are well on their way to being finished (?uest said Thought is 95% done with the recording). 5 new Kast cuts in December.

In other words: give up, new stuff is coming, but it looks like Black Star albums are on the 4 year plan.


I think I wrote that for myself as much as for you.

"You were a stillborn baby/ mother didn't want you/ but you were still born/ Boy meets world/ of course his pops is gone/ What you figure?/ That chalky outline on the ground is your father figure?" -- Vast Aire


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Black Star Album???? [View all] , BiG_K_WoRDS, Sat Jul-14-01 07:00 AM
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