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Topic subjectBlack Star Album????
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15581, Black Star Album????
Posted by guest, Sat Jul-14-01 07:00 AM

I'm sure everyone knows about this... but does anyone know an approximation of when it's coming out, who's producing, and who may be guest starring on it? Hit Me Back.

- K Words
15582, RE: Black Star Album????
Posted by 13Rose, Sat Jul-14-01 07:04 AM
I don't know when it will be coming out but I do know it will be on MCA rather than Rawkus.
15583, Stop waiting
Posted by analog2digital, Sat Jul-14-01 07:54 AM
That's my advice. Go get yourself some nice psychotherapy, so that you can banish the memory of Black Star from your mind.

It's going to be a loooong wait. By all indications Mos is releasing two albums BEFORE the Black Star album. Kweli is working on HIS solo now too. I'm pretending that the group never existed, so that I can preserve my sanity.

If I had to make a prediction, I'd say mid to late 2K2. To put it in perspective: Common, The Roots and Black Thought will ALL have released albums by the time we start to hear rumblings about a new Black Star project.

And to be real with you, I'm kind of torn on this. Should they give the people what they want and throw the Black Star project into their already hectic schedules? Or should they wait until they've got this other stuff out of the way so that they can sit down and make a cohesive classic.

I tend to hope for the latter, even though the long wait is torture. I figure the only thing worse than NO Black Star album is a BAD Black Star album, and that's exactly what we might get if they don't give the effort the proper effort.

In the meantime, listen to Mos and Kweli's various b-sides and collabos. I'm certain one of the Mos projects will make it out by fall/winter (a lot closer than it sounds). Mos is supposedly gonna be on the new Macy. Common and Thought are well on their way to being finished (?uest said Thought is 95% done with the recording). 5 new Kast cuts in December.

In other words: give up, new stuff is coming, but it looks like Black Star albums are on the 4 year plan.


I think I wrote that for myself as much as for you.

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15584, Patience
Posted by guest, Sat Jul-14-01 02:42 PM
The pain is real, but I have to agree . . . a long wait will hopefully be well worth it once the two have time to dedicate time to another Black Star LP.

In the meantime, I think that the future remains bright . . . many are already starting to hate on Mos, but I have a feeling that those same pessimists will be bumpin' his new music when it drops.

Kweli is on a good tip too. It will be interesting to see what he creates on his own. He's got the talent.
15585, RE: Patience
Posted by guest, Sat Jul-14-01 02:58 PM
How in the world can ANYONE hate on mos? perhaps the most musically gifted emcee that exists, he's one of the few cats that can sing with soul and rhyme with ferocity. and his message and music speak for themselves. just cause the man is taking some time to perfect what he gives to the public should be no reason to hate'im. to those that are hating....i'm not tryin to start beef....just saying that patience is a virtue...and with patience ultimately comes the most satisfying of rewards.


"i ain't no perfect man, i try to do the best that i can with what it is i have." -mos def

"At exactly which point do you start to realize, that life without knowledge is, death in disguise? that's why knowledge of self is like life after death, apply it to your life, let destiny manifest." - talib kweli

"...we might find something that we weren't looking for, which might be just what we were looking for, really."
- winnie the pooh
15586, Just to clarify things
Posted by Jekyll_Hyde, Sat Jul-14-01 03:11 PM
I think people are hating on Mos because he's done commercials for big corporations and has appeared iced out at public events, not because he's taking his time to put out his albums.

I think it's stupid for people to hate on him for making a little dough. It has nothing to do with his music. People should get over it. The fact remains that he will put out a dope album, and all the haters will be riding his dick when it happens.

Peace to all the OK Community!!

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15587, live and let live
Posted by AbdulJaleel, Sun Jul-15-01 07:37 AM



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15588, RE: Just to clarify things
Posted by reality, Sun Jul-15-01 04:02 PM
I agree with you 100% let mos live damn so what if he is making more cheddar and is making himself more known mainstream what is wrong with that.He's got to eat i think alot of people place to much emphasis on entertainers then when they don't do something they don't like they get dissapointed.I don't care what Mos does to me he is one of the deepest cat's in the game and he is not GOD he is human damn let him live.
15589, RE: Stop waiting
Posted by BrothaJ, Sun Jul-15-01 03:18 PM
>And to be real with you,
>I'm kind of torn on
>this. Should they give the
>people what they want and
>throw the Black Star project
>into their already hectic schedules?
>Or should they wait until
>they've got this other stuff
>out of the way so
>that they can sit down
>and make a cohesive classic.
>I tend to hope for the
>latter, even though the long
>wait is torture. I figure
>the only thing worse than
>NO Black Star album is
>a BAD Black Star album,
>and that's exactly what we
>might get if they don't
>give the effort the proper

We waited for D, right? Five years, and that brotha got love from the grammys. Not to say that Blackstar will at anytime win a grammy, but then again, why the hell not? The Roots got one.

Maybe we should start a grammy watch on all OK artists, just to start some shit. Start beefin when they get overlooked, like we "give a fuck about a goddamn grammy" (love to P.E.)

I'm still bumpin the Blackstar joint. Kweli got the banging track with Jonelle, "Round And Round" that reminds me of Kelis everytime I hear it (Damn you look good in that Busta vid).

"The truth is that you ugooly
not on the outside but in the inside
on the outside you frontin you luvooly"
-Pharoahe Monch
15590, RE: Stop waiting
Posted by BrothaJ, Sun Jul-15-01 03:22 PM
>Kweli got the banging
>track with Jonelle, "Round And
>Round" that reminds me of
>Kelis everytime I hear it
>(Damn you look good in
>that Busta vid).

I was drinking when I wrote that. I know it's Hi Tek

"The truth is that you ugooly
not on the outside but in the inside
on the outside you frontin you luvooly"
-Pharoahe Monch

15591, RE: Stop waiting
Posted by guest, Sun Jul-15-01 03:25 PM
I heard a rumor that Mos is gonna have Trick Daddy on his album, I am still praying this isn't true.
15592, RE: Stop waiting
Posted by Roi Boi, Mon Jul-16-01 04:36 AM
>I heard a rumor that Mos
>is gonna have Trick Daddy
>on his album, I am
>still praying this isn't true.


15593, dis/beliefs
Posted by atruhead, Sun Jul-15-01 11:45 PM
I believe its done or damn near complete

I dont believe that mos would drop jack johnson and another solo before a new black star project

I dont believe that kweli would drop a solo (2002) before new black star

look for it later this year

or you can believe the offices of mca/rawkus will get phone calls cursing them out (then watch me try to get a job with either label in a year and a half - 2 years)

15594, believe it
Posted by analog2digital, Mon Jul-16-01 03:11 AM
I've seen Rawkus print ADS for Jack Johnson already. "Coming soon." I can almost promise you that project will be out before the Black Star.

Dude, it's almost August, we haven't heard a peep about it. It's not coming out this year. Label Guy was on here recently and I asked him about it, he says he (i.e. MCA) has no idea, and that the only people who know are Mos and Kweli. That means no one in their promotions, advertising or art direction departments know either. That means no album this year.

Banish them from your memory. Truthfully? I'm kinda more excited to hear Black Jack Johnson anyway.

"You were a stillborn baby/ mother didn't want you/ but you were still born/ Boy meets world/ of course his pops is gone/ What you figure?/ That chalky outline on the ground is your father figure?" -- Vast Aire
15595, Four Years!?!?!
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Mon Jul-16-01 04:25 AM

Know rapper has ever been able to predict what they'll be doing or where they will be four years from now. you might as well shelve that Next Blackstar right next to the next fugee album.
15596, No No No
Posted by Cartdawg, Mon Jul-16-01 04:41 AM

Man...that joint is supposed to drop in a week....I was talkin to Mos and Kweli jus the other day, the album is done and comin out next week on July 26th. They wanted to surprise everyone. Those fellas are funny ain't they??????