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Mon Oct-19-20 03:14 PM

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5. "RE: When was the last time you burned a disc?"
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>Wheter it be a CD, a DVD, or a BluuRay?
>I have spindles of each that I haven't touched in years -
>should I keep a hold on them?
>Or should I just give them away and buy blanks if for some
>reason I need to burn a disc??

At least half a decade. I had a printer that made labels too. And I went to town with it bigtime. Good times. But it’s over. It’s been being over. I dig that Spotify lets you have a pic cover for playlists. Every streaming service should have that really.

I tossed all of my blank discs a while ago. I have an external drive if I ever need to burn something. And my old laptop is still functional if it came too it, but’s over. Thumb drives/external hard drive would be the way. Hopefully I never need to download some more RAM.


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When was the last time you burned a disc? [View all] , handle, Sat Oct-17-20 02:03 PM
Subject Author Message Date ID
Man, I guess 2016?
Oct 17th 2020
So weird, right?
Oct 18th 2020
Yesterday, but not for me. For an 70 year old lol
Oct 18th 2020
last week for Dreamcast
Oct 19th 2020
I need a copy of whatever you burned
Oct 20th 2020
Oct 23rd 2020
RE: When was the last time you burned a disc?
Oct 22nd 2020
My cousin bought a digital album.
Oct 19th 2020
I tried to burn a bootable windows disc a few months ago
Oct 22nd 2020
2007 maybe?
Nov 10th 2020
Fam it's been mad years
Feb 03rd 2021

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