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Topic subjectRE: When was the last time you burned a disc?
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305334, RE: When was the last time you burned a disc?
Posted by jimaveli, Mon Oct-19-20 03:14 PM
>Wheter it be a CD, a DVD, or a BluuRay?
>I have spindles of each that I haven't touched in years -
>should I keep a hold on them?
>Or should I just give them away and buy blanks if for some
>reason I need to burn a disc??

At least half a decade. I had a printer that made labels too. And I went to town with it bigtime. Good times. But it’s over. It’s been being over. I dig that Spotify lets you have a pic cover for playlists. Every streaming service should have that really.

I tossed all of my blank discs a while ago. I have an external drive if I ever need to burn something. And my old laptop is still functional if it came too it, but yeah..it’s over. Thumb drives/external hard drive would be the way. Hopefully I never need to download some more RAM.