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mista k5
Member since Feb 01st 2006
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Thu Aug-08-19 12:52 PM

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have you guys heard of these things??? jk

where do you guys stand on some of the (relatively) new changes we are seeing?

no headphone jack?
no expandable storage?
notch/cutout/popup selfie cameras?
folding phones??

how often are you replacing your phone?
are you loyal to a brand or os?
how much are you willing to spend on a new phone?

i finally paid off my s8. id be lying if i said im not itching to get a new one. im going to try to hold off as much as possible. i probably just need to get rid of garbage i have on it to free up space. maybe a reset. theres not really a lot of new stuff that makes me want a new phone. i dont think im ready to lose the headphone jack. i have some headphones i use at home that are not wireless and i usually charge my phone while using them.

im a bit concerned with how much storage i need. i have 64gb internal plus 256gb sd card (actual 193, so i think the size is 256). the internal constantly has less than 1gb free. ill clean it up and free up like 4gb then two weeks later its back down to 1. if i could keep 4gb free constantly i think the phone would perform pretty good. as it is i would be worried about getting a phone with less than 512 gb if it didnt have expandable storage. maybe 128gb internal if it had expandable. i remember when 20gb hard drives seemed excessive.

in my mind i would hope i would spend $600 max on a new phone but i know i do like to lean towards the no compromise options so id probably be closer or over $1000. im going to try to wait until next may, no idea which phone i would get. the biggest improvement i can see wanting is a better camera but its not really critical.


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Smartphones [View all] , mista k5, Thu Aug-08-19 12:52 PM
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I thought you'd never ask
Aug 08th 2019
ive been using the headphone jack on planes lately.
Aug 08th 2019
      RE: ive been using the headphone jack on planes lately.
Aug 08th 2019
           is it new phones of any model on swappa?
Aug 08th 2019
                oh yeah. the rarer ones are harder to find (i.e. Sony)
Aug 10th 2019
                Loved my Sony, but couldn't buy another one
Aug 12th 2019
welp - i guess bixby has been spying on me
Aug 15th 2019
sounds like the battery
Aug 15th 2019
      yeah i think so
Aug 16th 2019
           i think im going to take it to batteries + bulbs to replace the battery
Aug 16th 2019
                batteries don't usually factor into the value of the phone
Aug 16th 2019
                     the rep said in working order. so i figure they make sure it powers on
Aug 16th 2019
                          no luck
Aug 19th 2019
I just bought a new 128 gb s9 for $582 off Amazon
Aug 17th 2019
its really looking like samsung has a grip on me
Aug 19th 2019
      I was in the same boat. Fought buying a Samsung for years
Aug 19th 2019
I've had my iPhone 8+ for almost 2 years
Aug 19th 2019
same with the GOAT 8. possibly my best phone ever
Aug 19th 2019
Got my phone replaced with a new one
Aug 27th 2019
      thats pretty cool
Aug 28th 2019
update - i have no will
Aug 19th 2019
FINALLY got the phone in yesterday
Sep 04th 2019
      a week later
Sep 11th 2019
           Can you get a USB C to headphone jack?
Sep 11th 2019
Sep 11th 2019
                     Ah, I see
Sep 11th 2019
                          yeah there really is no good reason to get rid of them
Sep 12th 2019
I'm pre-ordering the iPhone 11 this Friday.
Sep 11th 2019
its kind of wild that apple is cheaper than samsung
Sep 11th 2019
As long as they keep making em fastser, I'll keep buying em
Sep 11th 2019
Im proabbly skipping UNLESS
Sep 11th 2019
I think I’ll get the watch for my gf’s birthday
Sep 12th 2019
They are HEAVIER now
Sep 15th 2019
      i'm getting a 11 pro max...battery life fam...
Sep 17th 2019

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