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Sat May-09-20 11:50 AM

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12. "beautiful game."
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this release put *a lot* of love into it, as bearfield mentioned above, but those expansive touch-ups just reinforced how strong the bones of the original are. there are sequences that still take your breath away, 14 years later.

for those (like me) who've only played the original, the big (license classes) and small (overlap maps, 2x and 4x multiplier speeds) additions are much welcomed. I did a little more optimization than a decade ago -- back then I slapped on two gambits and just hacked/healed away -- but it's still fun just traveling and battling across Ivalice.

+ amazing remaster. the original was the best graphically impressive PS2 game ever, and this update really shines a light on that. 60 FPS on top of that (PC).

+ 4x is too much, but 2x is just right for getting across big maps with no teleport stone and grinding chains.

+ what a soundtrack! I prefer the re-orchestrated version, but I'd forgot how fantastic the music is here.

+ the license boards/class system makes everyone kind of useful in a way, which is better than the ultimate homogeneity of the original at endgame. I think locking the classes and esper skills makes people like me have a fear of missing out rather than an urge to experiment, so the recent update to reset your board entirely on all versions is perfect.

- I still don't get into the story. the cutscenes are well done, I just don't have much of a connection to it. which isn't a total loss -- I couldn't tell you what happened in Tactics, either, which is another classic. it just knocks down the game on my personal pedestal.

- the whole treasure chest spawning and diamond armlet situation is painful. zoning in and out for a chest to spawn, and then somehow having to know which chests give you the rare item with the diamond armlet (very few) versus which you should open without (most) is inane. I guess it was supposed to reward avid explorers but most people would miss this aspect on their own, and after you do find out about it, it becomes an unfun grind.

- I liked doing the hunts this time in tandem with the story. most are more challenging than bosses at that point in the game, and there is good loot for completing them.

- the endgame stuff is not for me. trying to get most of the best weapons added in the Zodiac versions is an absolute slog (I looked up the Mina dagger -- TF? 255 kills in that godforsaken Great Crystal location just to get the right monster to spawn, then more chains of a that monster for one shot at a rare drop?). trying to kill Omega XII sounds horrible to me, but a lot of MMORPG bullshit is along those lines, and I suppose heavy grinders enjoy it.



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Final Fantasy XII (PS4) [View all] , topaz, Tue Jul-11-17 11:44 PM
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Jul 12th 2017
this fucking game
Jul 12th 2017
the input lag is noticeable now.
May 07th 2020
      I had no idea they were going to update PS4/PC versions
May 08th 2020
           the multiple gambit setups is a nice quality of life update
May 08th 2020
Probably my fav FF outside of IV, VI, VII
Jul 30th 2017
ashe out here getting money fucking bitches
Aug 04th 2017
PC version coming Feb 1. 60 fps (!), 21:9+ support, extra OST options
Jan 11th 2018
glad I waited.
Jan 12th 2018
i honestly didn't think they would re-program for 60 fps
Jan 12th 2018
I'm def fuckin wit dat!
Jan 13th 2018
Its a tie for my fav with 6. Its a top 3 ps4 title ever
Jun 24th 2020
I definitely want to play the 7 remake at some point
Jun 24th 2020
Jul 07th 2020
old post, but THAT'S why people had hi-res screenshots of this
Sep 13th 2020

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