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Thu May-07-20 04:49 PM

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9. "the input lag is noticeable now."
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PS2 era was a time when input lag from TVs seemed like an idea only in our heads, but with technology now you can feel the delay. trying to pick up black orbs in Pharos is misery.

but you do get used to it, and it is just a minor annoyance 95% of the time.

I dunno why they don't have analog support for menus, though. I have an Xbox 360 controller I have hooked up to my PC.

>• i've already experienced a bout of optimization paralysis
>when choosing vaan's first (of two) license boards. rpgsite
>has a nice series of write-ups if you want to read up a bit on
>which characters and classes have synergy:

I had only played vanilla, so picking the license boards was definitely the same feeling. picking the second board stopped my game for like a week.

my advice to myself would be just to pick what you like. you can get around any so-called "bad" combination, and the problem I found with most of the guides is they coupled classes based on a lot of end-game weapons and bosses. and so you play 70 percent of the game waiting on that part of the board or weapon, when other jobs would've been more useful or fun in the interim.

thankfully, they just patched it last week where you can reset your entire board (previously just an Xbox/Switch option, but now on PC/PS4). so you can get that Yagyu/Dark Robes combo whenever.



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Final Fantasy XII (PS4) [View all] , topaz, Tue Jul-11-17 11:44 PM
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Jul 12th 2017
this fucking game
Jul 12th 2017
      I had no idea they were going to update PS4/PC versions
May 08th 2020
           the multiple gambit setups is a nice quality of life update
May 08th 2020
Probably my fav FF outside of IV, VI, VII
Jul 30th 2017
ashe out here getting money fucking bitches
Aug 04th 2017
PC version coming Feb 1. 60 fps (!), 21:9+ support, extra OST options
Jan 11th 2018
glad I waited.
Jan 12th 2018
i honestly didn't think they would re-program for 60 fps
Jan 12th 2018
I'm def fuckin wit dat!
Jan 13th 2018
beautiful game.
May 09th 2020
Its a tie for my fav with 6. Its a top 3 ps4 title ever
Jun 24th 2020
I definitely want to play the 7 remake at some point
Jun 24th 2020
Jul 07th 2020
old post, but THAT'S why people had hi-res screenshots of this
Sep 13th 2020

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