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Subject: "Honestly, its Harden and Ky, but up to this part of the season, Phoenix" Previous topic | Next topic
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Wed Jan-26-22 12:25 AM

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11. "Honestly, its Harden and Ky, but up to this part of the season, Phoenix"
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I agree with Claw about Memphis though.

Once the playoffs start, Kyrie will have to make a decision, and I think at that point, he will get a shot. If KD or Harden are injured close to the playoffs, he won't get the shot and this point will be moot. But the sample we have of the Nets having all three together and at least some of their backup cast is they are breathtakingly good. We saw what KD could do on his own last year against the champions. KD with that backcourt? Phoenix doesn't stand a chance nor anyone else would stand a chance.

One Hundred.


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best backcourt in the NBA? [View all] , ThaTruth, Tue Jan-25-22 03:45 PM
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Hard to argue against CP3 and Book this year.
Jan 25th 2022
CP3/Book... but look out for Ja & Dez in Memphis
Jan 25th 2022
Jan 26th 2022
Paul & Booker
Jan 25th 2022
I though Derozan played the 3
Jan 25th 2022
      He is, but he initiates the offense.
Jan 25th 2022
           What about when Lonzo is healthy?
Jan 25th 2022
                DeRozan still runs it.
Jan 26th 2022
Where's Westbrook & Ariza?
Jan 25th 2022
when did Ariza become a guard?
Jan 25th 2022
      It was a joke. But if you want to get all technical tom
Jan 26th 2022
World B. Flat - Beard B. Fat
Jan 25th 2022
Jan 26th 2022
Unfair to ask 6 games into Klay's return, really, lol.
Jan 26th 2022
the question is about RIGHT TODAY(wc), not 2-3 years ago
Jan 26th 2022
      lol, right. That’s why I said what I said.
Jan 26th 2022
           exactly, we don't know...
Jan 26th 2022
CP3 & Book this year, but Steph & Klay overall..........
Jan 26th 2022
the question is for this year not 2-3 years ago
Jan 26th 2022

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