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Subject: "College Basketball transfer portal is ruining the game" Previous topic | Next topic
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Mon Apr-12-21 08:49 PM

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"College Basketball transfer portal is ruining the game"


I'm just salty because my team is getting decimated by it lol
But in general, it feels like it's getting out of hand. About 30% of all players are currently in the portal.

On the one hand, they're not getting paid and the players are on year to year scholarships (I think that's how it works).
On the other hand, I think there should level of stability with the players.

What y'all think?


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College Basketball transfer portal is ruining the game [View all] , PimpTrickGangstaClik, Mon Apr-12-21 08:49 PM
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It's the new normal, but it's a good thing for now.
Apr 13th 2021
I think there’s a “all the cool kids are doing it” element right n...
Apr 13th 2021
its a little OD rn for me and takes away from it
Apr 13th 2021
1. Its the wild wild west. 2. Its really hurt the high school senior
Apr 21st 2021
HS kids are scuffling like hell to find anything at the next level
Apr 21st 2021
      most of the players in the portal suck lol.
Apr 22nd 2021
           I wouldn't say most suck
Apr 22nd 2021
           I agree with all of this
Apr 23rd 2021
                I disagree with a lot of this.
Apr 23rd 2021
                Michigan's PG led the country in shots last year
Apr 24th 2021
                Holtmann is using it to plug in the dike with his finger
Apr 24th 2021
                I don't think all want to shine
Apr 27th 2021
           I more or less agree.
Apr 22nd 2021
Syracuse WBB whole team is in the portal lol. i'd hate to coach rn
Apr 24th 2021
I’d like to see a state/geography breakdown on this
Apr 24th 2021

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