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Tue Mar-05-19 04:27 PM

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7. "Peak for peak, give me Wade for sure"
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Got to the line all day, didn't need his J to fall to produce, could handle and distribute, could defend.

Harden is a better scorer with better range. In a lot of other areas he falls short and he is no type of leader. The OP starts from a premise that Wade's legacy is "inflated" and that he "rode LeBron" when he put in work despite his health already declining in the LeBron years. The problem with Wade is that he had a short peak and even still his career is ultimately going to look better than Harden's despite 1) entering the league at 23 and 2) having knee problems from the middle of his career forward. Wade was still stealing games as an old-time fart. Harden still giving them away in his prime. Harden has all the tools to be better, but he hasn't gotten there yet as an all-around player.

And you will know MY JACKET IS GOLD when I lay my vengeance upon thee.


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Let's discuss Harden ≥ Wade [View all] , melmag, Tue Mar-05-19 01:32 AM
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Harden gonna fold like a fuckin Transformer in a few weeks
Mar 05th 2019
Oh no doubt!
Mar 05th 2019
Nope. n/m
Mar 05th 2019
Do I have deja vu?
Mar 05th 2019
The numbers aren't even close
Mar 05th 2019
He's more talented. He's a better scorer. That doesn't add up to better.
Mar 05th 2019
You sure about that?
Mar 05th 2019
how about lets not...
Mar 05th 2019
this feels fair to me.
Mar 05th 2019
On one hand Wade was horseshit in between winning a ring &
Mar 05th 2019
Mar 05th 2019
      advanced stats also support 09 as a career year. great stretch in genera...
Mar 05th 2019
      Horseshit as in his squad didn’t mean anything.
Mar 05th 2019
           Ran a 4.42 40 and just look at that backpedal!
Mar 07th 2019
I hate how we only measure players in offense
Mar 06th 2019
Wade became all-time block leader for guards day after OP lol
Mar 07th 2019
FOH. Playoffs bruh. Playoffs.
Mar 06th 2019
Is Harden the greatest D'Antoni system player or Nash?
Mar 06th 2019
Nash used to get sonned by Bibby before D’Antoni recused his career
Mar 07th 2019
I don't think either one was a system player
Mar 07th 2019
Beard = Lac Riding; D Wade? Hi Siding.
Mar 07th 2019
lmao, top 25 SG all time? name 25 better 2 guards
Mar 10th 2019
      Honestly - name 10.
Mar 10th 2019
      13 off the dome better
Mar 11th 2019

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