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Subject: "Cleveland Cavaliers Offseason Post: A Rant and Call To Arms" Previous topic | Next topic
Dr Claw
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Tue Jul-03-18 10:01 AM

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"Cleveland Cavaliers Offseason Post: A Rant and Call To Arms"



LeBron is gone.
This'll make O_E mad, this'll make Vex mad, this'll make the Laker fans who are now going to root for him mad.

But good. It's time. I'm tired of having to angst over what Golden Piss is doing and whether the Cavs will make the finals, and whether LeBron is going to continue to grift his way through the franchise because of a fucking Microsoft Word font to continue to compete.

I'm not happy that he chose the Lakers (even over a team like Philly), but if he's going to be in chill mode for 4 years after a season like the last, fine. I'll miss those Playoff LeFuckYou 3s, though. If they win a title, that means Golden Piss didn't, so good. It's the Lakers, they have a zillion of them. Fuck Braymond, Binky, PBS Logo, Cupsnake and the rest of em in the goat ass.

I'd rather see Houston or OKC come out of the West though. CP3 getting a ring and/or the continuation of the NyQuil/RedBull Alliance in a post-Snake world is more compelling than a post-Kobe Laker team, unless Ingram ends up being the "Kyrie" of that squad.

Speaking of Kyrie... I am still PISSED that he forced his way out of town. he was my favorite in franchise history. He delivered one of the most signature plays in franchise history. he also promised never to leave. but he was forced out, IMO. and here, LeBron is not, and never will be blameless.

these last two offseasons have been brutal. my two faves ever in the history of being a fan of this team, once playing together, now playing on the two franchises who don't need "help". and that's just what the league wants.

That being said:

going forward, it is imperative to tank. ATL owns the Cavs pick if they fall out of the top 10 next season. Here's where I'll need Gilbert to fall back. The greatest "Fuck You" that can be given will not need to be immediate. Philly did it, people roasted them for it, look at them now. For a team that doesn't have the bullshit landed-gentry pedigree of the Boston Celtics, Philly has landed in my opinion, two great players to actually compete in a now-LeBron-free Eastern Conference.

there are enough good teams from Miami (at the bottom) to Boston (unfortunately, at the top) that the Cavs don't need to wedge themselves right in right away.

they already have more than they were left with in 2010, in Collin Sexton, precisely the kind of "F.U." player that needs to lead this tank in a post-LeBron landscape.

Billy Preston is the kind of flyer that needs to be hung in these times as well. Sign him with the MLE after Summer League. no use in using that for anything else.

fuck around and those two could be the Embiid/Simmons of the New Cavs.

which leaves more.

Cedi Osman, Rodney Hood, Larry Nance, Jr. should be part of the plans for the future.

Flop Gear (Clarkson), JR, TT need to find new homes in the next couple of seasons. If Milwaukee wants to give us Delly back, we'll take him for JR, and you can do whatever with that contract. TT? don't give a fuck, send him to Denver or some shit.

Unfortunately, this also means that Kevin Love will have to be dealt. Never thought he'd be the last man standing from these last 4 seasons. Hopefully it's Utah. He would be able to compete over there. OKC, if they didn't have Melo to deal with. That's where I'd like him to be if it can't be here.

George Hill is conditional. I'd keep him for veteran presence.

Unfortunately, Cavs are stuck with Ty Lue for at least 2 more seasons. Let's hope the Cavs stand in place and give him the boot once it's time. No better coach for a time you need to tank.

Only acquisition I really want to see these next couple seasons is Sam Hinkie. Whatever he's doing? fuck it. Bring him here ASAP.

It's highly unlikely that the Cavs will ever score another LeBron. Or attract another high-tier dude in FA anytime soon, because players do this wack shit of superteams in supercities. I expect the Brooklyn Nets to be that team as the current generation of stars come together. all FOs need to hedge toward this. Especially the Cavs, given the popularity of LeBron and the pervasiveness of his media narratives. So the only way to get a good team now is draft, draft, draft. this mindset will make the future less of a drag.

in closing:

fuck ESPN, fuck Stephen A. Smith, fuck the NBA establishment.

It's gonna suck, but we'll be back eventually. No one's allowed on the bandwagon when it happens.

In 2019, 20 wins or bust. Let the tank roll on.

Yes, I'm mad. Let's move on.

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Does he ACCEPT?


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Cleveland Cavaliers Offseason Post: A Rant and Call To Arms [View all] , Dr Claw, Tue Jul-03-18 10:01 AM
Subject Author Message Date ID
I can see them making the playoffs this year.
Jul 03rd 2018
they got an outside shot.. might need to make a move or two
Jul 03rd 2018
I want NO parts of the playoffs for at least 2-3 seasons. None
Jul 03rd 2018
      i'm wit you on that...but if they play hard, they can do it.
Jul 03rd 2018
           I would LOVE for Kevin to lead them to 45 wins and a top 6 in the East
Jul 03rd 2018
                like he did in Minnesota? oh nevermind...
Jul 03rd 2018
                     he won 40 in the west in his last season. woulda been 45+ in the east
Jul 03rd 2018
                          so Love is back to being a star now because he was a scrub w/ Lebron lol
Jul 03rd 2018
                               man, SKILP!!! laid it out, talking about PG's decision
Jul 03rd 2018
                               Only vex idiot was calling him a scrub
Jul 04th 2018
                                    I actually called him a very good player
Jul 04th 2018
I dunno, the East sucks just enough but I still don't think so
Aug 09th 2018
Cavs gonna be awful for the next 10 seasons.
Jul 03rd 2018
not this time. I give them 4 seasons of umitigated suck.
Jul 03rd 2018
Sexton is a try hard bamma w/ talent and athleticism.
Jul 03rd 2018
      "now with more 25% more country twang!!"
Jul 24th 2018
two separate problems
Jul 03rd 2018
Who do i see about my security depo..
Jul 03rd 2018
have fun in LA, dogg
Jul 03rd 2018
Wolves will probably trade Wiggins for Love back
Jul 03rd 2018
Cavs aren’t relevant anymore...
Jul 03rd 2018
nigga, i'll see you in just over a year when y'all draft cam, rj or zion...
Jul 03rd 2018
what I'm aiming for. I expect a Duke dude to be over here
Jul 03rd 2018
We have a winning culture so it's not that bad...
Jul 03rd 2018
can we take a second to recognize how good a name "Golden Piss" is?
Jul 03rd 2018
I will always have respect for Cleveland and their fans.
Jul 03rd 2018
wow i JUST made the Flop Gear connection smhhhh
Jul 03rd 2018
The non-LeBron CLEVELAND bandwagon? Nigga....
Jul 03rd 2018
*points to the door*
Jul 03rd 2018
Jul 09th 2018
its almost like the Laker bandwagon last year
Jul 23rd 2018
i don't think they gonna suck
Jul 08th 2018
I really like Sexton, man
Jul 10th 2018
signs pointing to Kevin Love staying, and an extension being signed
Jul 23rd 2018
Jul 23rd 2018
oh, no doubt. I hope he actually gets tick this season
Jul 25th 2018
yep. Kev staying. 4/120.
Jul 24th 2018
      pockets are STR8!!!!
Jul 24th 2018
      i guess theyre looking to compete
Jul 24th 2018
      trust dan gilbert to make the white choice
Jul 24th 2018
           it's front loaded, so don't be surprised if they Blake it up after 2
Jul 24th 2018
           From what I just read
Jul 24th 2018
                Love is 9 months older than Blake Griffin
Jul 24th 2018
                     IMO they are both approaching washed territory
Aug 09th 2018
           this is actually true of their newest sighting: Sam Dekker to Cavs
Aug 06th 2018
I'm just loving yet hating how all of us know who "PBS Logo" i...
Jul 24th 2018
will we see this dude now?
Jul 25th 2018
if he didn't come back from Costa Rica when LeBron won in 2016
Jul 25th 2018
      Actually I was referring to “top 5 PF” Kevin Love lol...will he...
Jul 25th 2018
           I think he will, if he isn't shut down for tanking purposes
Jul 26th 2018
David Nwaba, recently of the Bulls on a deal not yet disclosed.
Aug 02nd 2018
smoke rising: Hassan Whiteside for Korver/TT/Stuff
Aug 08th 2018
Whiteside must be legit impaired....
Aug 09th 2018
lmmfao @ all the posts on forums following that Duke game
Nov 07th 2018
i'll see you soon
Nov 07th 2018
Flop Gear is the new Dion Waiters
Nov 07th 2018
LOL...I said on Twitter like 20 minutes ago...
Nov 07th 2018
This is gonna be a season post.
Nov 14th 2018
what's your early take on Sexton?
Nov 14th 2018
      So far, things are trending positively.
Nov 14th 2018
           Nice - sounds like he's what y'all need moving forward.
Nov 15th 2018
Who's trying to get the....
Nov 20th 2018
got a real feeling he ends up at Chesapeake Energy Arena
Nov 20th 2018
lol @ JR's exit plan...
Nov 20th 2018
And thus officially ends the 2 Knicks United era in Cleveland
Nov 21st 2018
      exactly right:
Nov 21st 2018
           3rd quarter it was PIPE after PIPE after PIPE
Nov 21st 2018
Cavs been balling since and including the Laker game
Nov 24th 2018
Sexton hit 14 straight FGs w/no FTA against the Rockets
Nov 24th 2018
Young Bull is no joke. Reminds me of a smaller Steve Francis.
Nov 24th 2018
Colin Sexton 'doesn't know how to play' (c)
Nov 26th 2018
      I'm really thinking that was JR who said all of that
Nov 26th 2018
since the initial post was made:
Nov 26th 2018
Few things:
Dec 09th 2018
So Patrick McCaw, recently of the Worriers is a Cavalier
Dec 31st 2018
why is Bill Simmons so mad?
Jan 03rd 2019
welp... 19-63 again.
Apr 09th 2019

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