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Thu Mar-07-13 08:11 AM

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"Congrats on that double double, Ky Ky..."



When you pass to your wack ass scrub ass teammates, for some strange reason you WIN games!

Little known fact about the PG position Ky:

You run the offense and set up plays and shots for your team. If you can get your teammates the ball in stride or with timing, they get open and easy looks at the basket. Open looks for them will result in higher fg% and you won't be viewed as holding them back from their potential. Next time you get double-teamed, before you perform that crossover spin move between the legs to split it, think to yourself...

"Self...someone is open!"

...if it is Waiters or Tristan, pass the ball!...

...if it is Alonzo Gee, well yep it's ESPN Sportscenter time, so after splitting the double-team, maybe a stepback J or to the rack...

3 double doubles and counting.

Keep up the good work.



P.S. One more season and excuses will be deaf to my ears. Tristan is a beast, Speights is solid, Waiters has game, and Zeller is white...

(see I am not a hater)

Lol next Isiah my ass... - They Call Him Mr. Glass


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Congrats on that double double, Ky Ky... [View all] , FromTheGo, Thu Mar-07-13 08:11 AM
Subject Author Message Date ID
Seeing how mad he is making Rosedonia is awesome
Mar 07th 2013
furious, even
Mar 07th 2013
what are you talking about?
Mar 07th 2013
zeke and everyone else knows it's a wrap starting next year
Mar 07th 2013
the problem with that logic is EVERY team is getting better...
Mar 07th 2013
      who cares about lillard or grievas...they older and WAY not better
Mar 07th 2013
but ZEKE said all these other pgs can hear Ky's footsteps
Mar 07th 2013
      yeah when they blow by him and he's running behind them
Mar 07th 2013
Mar 07th 2013
Rosemont. duh.
Mar 07th 2013
Mar 07th 2013
Mar 07th 2013
      ^^^ I'll accept that!
Mar 07th 2013
      Roseland: Where we think our team has a chance & hate the SAT
Mar 07th 2013
Mar 07th 2013
I wouldn't dare go as hard as FromTheGo and I think Ky is special
Mar 07th 2013

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