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Subject: "early in the 1st ep when his pop helps mrs. pelligrini and they in the " Previous topic | Next topic
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Thu Jul-01-21 10:48 PM

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26. "early in the 1st ep when his pop helps mrs. pelligrini and they in the "
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rain and she don't recognize him as her driver... when assane is like 'wtf??', his pops is like, *they* don't SEE us.

so even as the disguises got sillier, i kept that in my mind as subtext throughout the whole show.

his Blackness was a big part of his disguise in France. (i don't know how sociopolitically accurate that is. but living in the US, one's Blackness is a big ass, neon, see it from space sign saying HE DID IT!!! regardless of WHAT the crime was and what the description of the perp was).

for omar sy to be looking like he a solid 6'6" 250 and constantly walking right by mfers did have me a tad side-eyed in the middle, and then i chalked it up to a running gag and just agreed to suspend my disbelief for the remainder.

peace & blessings,


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Lupin (Omar Sy, NETFLIX, 2020) [View all] , Castro, Thu Jan-14-21 12:36 AM
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Finished the first half today.
Jan 14th 2021
Yeah, he had his Stringer Bell thing working
Jan 15th 2021
Just! (spoilers below)
Jan 15th 2021
Binged last night, and enjoyed it. looking forward to more.
Jan 15th 2021
saw it last night, i am a fan now
Jan 18th 2021
loved this. they need to drop part 2 asap
Jan 18th 2021
I think Queen Sono could come back...but I hope for a better storyline
Jan 18th 2021
that cliff hanger!!!!
Jan 20th 2021
100% no hate but this was definitely made for the international market
Jan 21st 2021
oh definitely...which was really smart of them
Jan 22nd 2021
yeah stuff like this, money heist, gangs of london, etc
Jan 22nd 2021
I really enjoyed this too
Jan 27th 2021
Netflix says pt 2 is coming this summer
Jan 28th 2021
Can someone explain something I *must* have stupidly missed?
Jan 28th 2021
he supposedly looks different in his ‘disguises’.
Jan 28th 2021
      Yup. The plot falls apart under the tiniest bit of scrutiny...
Jan 29th 2021
      BAHAHA guess I missed that. Some real Clark Kent puts on glasses stuff
Jan 29th 2021
      That is the fun part of it.....
Jan 29th 2021
      when he had the ole man mustache i almost yelled it out (but my
Jul 01st 2021
      its really more of a commentary on racist French culture
Jan 29th 2021
      oh. you already answered this. i came here to say that. c'est la vie.
Jul 01st 2021
Season 2 on Netflix...
Jun 23rd 2021
Season 3 coming. I have been entertained.
Jun 25th 2021
the mini-releases are very smart
Jun 25th 2021
      agreed. we just started w/ season 1 last week and we finished the
Jul 01st 2021
4 eps in it’s a LOT better than I expected
Jun 27th 2021
anybody else looking down at your initial self for pronouncing the
Jul 01st 2021

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