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Mon Dec-02-19 12:20 PM

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1. "RE: Saw Goodfellas for the first time last night (late pass post)"
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>What have you FINALLY gotten around to seeing that every other
>member of the human race already has?

i wouldn't put these at the level of Goodfellas, but for me recently it was:

-Boyhood - this moved at a much faster pace than i expected; i may have watched sooner if i'd known it wouldn't feel like nearly 3 hours and was funny

-A Serious Man - i used to keep up with dem coen boys, but for some reason this one didn't appeal much to me when it came out. i think i benefited from having the 10 extra years of life experience to appreciate what it was saying, and watching it reminded me how much i enjoy their filmmaking.

-Flight of the Conchords Season 2 - i watched the first season long ago and lost track of finishing up the series until recently. it was still funny.

-The Fall - one of the earliest netflix "original" series that was really just a license and is now off this service but on others. i <3 gillian anderson on the x-files and appreciated her in other roles since that original run, but it's another i just lost track of until i made myself watch. i found the first series to be just ok, but it got much better to me in the second and was still good in the last. she was great in it, jamie dornan was, too, and the show really got under my skin. i'm good on another intimate psychological profile of a serial killer for a long time, thanks.


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Saw Goodfellas for the first time last night (late pass post) [View all] , Beamer6178, Mon Dec-02-19 11:44 AM
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A Serious Man is great, underrated imo
Dec 03rd 2019
      this line from A Serious Man cracks me up every time:
Dec 03rd 2019
saw matrix for the first time this year
Dec 02nd 2019
RE: Saw Goodfellas for the first time last night (late pass post)
Dec 02nd 2019
Zombieland...just recently started (and finished) The Office
Dec 02nd 2019
parks and rec gets so good
Dec 03rd 2019
Skip the first season of Parks and Rec
Dec 03rd 2019
I think watching it so soon after The Office has me like "meh" right now
Dec 03rd 2019
      Ha! This was me!
Dec 06th 2019
      The firs season was a Office Knockoff. Later seasons are damn near a
Dec 07th 2019
           Thanks for this...
Dec 09th 2019
Parks and Rec after Season 1 easily surpasses The Office
Dec 03rd 2019
the quality ramp up of parks and rec is so steep
Dec 03rd 2019
      yeah it picks up fast in the 2nd half of season 2 and never slows down
Dec 04th 2019
      To this day, I have never seen season one....
Dec 04th 2019
           I started to skip it cause of yall, but it's only 6 episodes
Dec 04th 2019
           it's a different show that wouldn't be worth recommending
Dec 04th 2019
           I've only ever watched the Season 1 finale
Dec 04th 2019
           I actually enjoyed Season 1. Found it quietly funny.
Dec 06th 2019
I watched godfather and godfather 2 like a month ago
Dec 03rd 2019
My #1 and #2 fave movies ever...what did you think?
Dec 03rd 2019
I was surprised that stuff rips them off
Dec 03rd 2019
      RE: I was surprised that stuff rips them off
Dec 03rd 2019
           like EVERY SCENE has been copied
Dec 04th 2019
I made sure my wife watched Godfather 1 a few nights before we got...
Dec 04th 2019
      ^^^ Steve Guttenberg/Diner
Dec 05th 2019

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