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Cold Truth
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Mon May-15-17 01:03 PM

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"Marvel Studios should adapt non-Marvel IP "




I’d like to see them acquire some quality IP and filter it through the MS machine, though ideally in a way that plays to the MS ethos while retaining the freedom to deviate from the cookie-cutter formula enough to have an identity of its own.

Obviously you want the Marvel Studios magic, but I’d like to see them adapt a non-Marvel property without, well, “Marvelizing” it. I think if they applied the approach taken with Marvel properties to other properties, similar results could be achieved while remaining true to whatever that property might be.

So, good idea? Bad idea?

What properties would be good candidates?

Personally I think it’s a good idea and I’d like to see them tackle DBZ with my first pick.


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Marvel Studios should adapt non-Marvel IP [View all] , Cold Truth, Mon May-15-17 01:03 PM
Subject Author Message Date ID
Id like of them to go an A24 route
May 15th 2017
Marvel could do it with some of their ICON titles
May 15th 2017
That's likely their next step... though Netflix is that for them, curren...
May 15th 2017
No and Maybe.
May 15th 2017
Yeah it should definitely be limited in scope
May 15th 2017
John Bellairs' novels seem like a good fit
May 15th 2017
RE: No and Maybe.
May 15th 2017
      They might be. Box office is slowing a bit, no new franchises.
May 15th 2017
Can we call this the revamp Touchstone Pictures post
May 15th 2017
they have so much content they could work with...why bother?
May 16th 2017
At this moment in time it's kind of a albatross around their neck tho
May 16th 2017
... I don't think it's an albatross in *their* eyes, lol.
May 16th 2017
not if they keep making these Netflix style low budget joints...
May 16th 2017
The ycan literally do both though.
May 16th 2017
I would love to see my beloved DMZ on the big screen
May 16th 2017
May 16th 2017
DMZ could work
May 16th 2017
They could reboot Men In Black
May 16th 2017

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