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Sun Sep-20-20 08:28 AM

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8. "RE: yeah I don't get it. Lesson for new rappers? Get a gimmick"
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Roc Marciano made a big sacrifice but never fully got his due. His recent stuff is very fun for me to hear. Griselda pulled off what he didn’t and I am happy for them.

Timing is more important than gimmicks methinks. And anything that challenges the rap status quo and is good rapping has a shot with me. I got involved with these folks when I heard Mr. T. That’s the one that made me start paying attention after a buddy kept pushing me to listen to that album.

It made me happy that someone was showing up basically out of nowhere even trying to make this type of music. It’s not just them. There’s also Pounds448 for instance. And I like Roc and Frederick more, but they’re all still good with me. I like Stove god cooks too. And he finds a slightly new way to say he stepped on his drugs every 1.8 songs, but it’s fine. I don’t need every rapper to be everything at once. Only a few are good enough to pull that off. 2 of them have been dead for over 20 years.

>be loosely associated with a much, much better rapper (who
>also has a gimmick I admit)
>Use that gimmick to get certain white "tastemaker" producer's
>add in super original shit like "hahaha hahaha" and gun
>Say outlandish shit in your rhymes so that nerds can feel
>tough while listening.
>Boom. You're a star.
>And even if you like this fantasy rap...I mean, as soon as
>Gibbs started spitting I was reminded "oh, you CAN rap like
>this and still be fresh and gimmick free"
>Don't get me wrong, dude isn't bad. This is okay. But its
>crazy to me that more people can't see/talk honestly about the
>non-musical attraction of these guys.
>I know I made that Boldly James thread, but there are others.
>My favorite Conway track just so happens to feature Mega...
>Why does Conway deserve so much more love/praise than Mega?
>Or any other number of rappers out there who haven't gotten
>their flowers.
>These dudes just aren't original at all, either. They have
>leveraged their various gimmicks and Alc connection to some
>nice production...that's about it.
>And again, when guys like Gibbs or Meth or Mega rap alongside
>them? shiiit. You're reminded you were listening to the
>"beginners hour" at an open mic or some shit.
>I'm glad yall are enjoying it I guess, but I don't get it. At
>all. And I would definitely like to see some rappers who are
>at least as good (if not a lot better) get more love.


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Conway the Machine- From a King to a God!!!! [View all] , stone_phalanges, Mon Sep-14-20 05:32 PM
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It really is an excellent album
Sep 14th 2020
yeah I don't get it. Lesson for new rappers? Get a gimmick
Sep 15th 2020
Couldn't disagree more.
Sep 15th 2020
Better than Alfredo? Word?
Sep 19th 2020
      You should check it out, it's really good
Sep 19th 2020
What is the gimmick?
Sep 15th 2020
The average rap fan is still listening to autotune weirdo shit..
Sep 16th 2020
word to Mr.T
Sep 20th 2020
Agree with this. I can't get into their music. Peter Luger is my shit th...
Sep 20th 2020
Deluxe dropped today, 5 new tracks
Dec 18th 2020
These are great.
Dec 18th 2020
      Only one I'm not feeling is "Serena vs Venus"
Dec 18th 2020
Dec 18th 2020

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