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Subject: "what were Jordan Knight and Ralph Tresvant missing as solo acts?" Previous topic | Next topic
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Mon Apr-02-12 09:08 PM

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"what were Jordan Knight and Ralph Tresvant missing as solo acts?"


these two former Proteges of Maurice Starr each enjoyed great success leading two very successful groups and then had debut solo success but then what things didn't click no more.

there musical Clam chowder(both are from Boston) didn't hit the ribs no more and quickly it was back to fronting said groups.

of the two who should have had the better solo career?

who of the two was only as good as the group they were in?

also if traded them for each other and put them as the lead singer in each others group which group would shine more?

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what were Jordan Knight and Ralph Tresvant missing as solo acts? [View all] , mistermaxxx08, Mon Apr-02-12 09:08 PM
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it was strange wasn't it? how did neither one of them blow up solo?
Apr 02nd 2012
in ralphs case i think it was the material...he was basically the voice
Apr 02nd 2012
Ralph's voice gets annoying after a while. It worked good in a group
Apr 02nd 2012
jordan was the precursor for justin right?
Apr 03rd 2012
Jordan Knight Came Out The Wrong Time
Apr 03rd 2012
New Kids were already a played-out punchline by the time Jordan
Apr 03rd 2012
Yep. Their fanbase had outgrown them for SURE, and the young
Apr 03rd 2012
7 wasn't like Jordan went solo. The group was basically done
Apr 03rd 2012
Yeah, Jordan's problem was he skewed too young.
Apr 03rd 2012
Wait...I always assumed the Ralph debut was huge.
Apr 03rd 2012
it did well.
Apr 03rd 2012
      his 3rd BEYOND tanked
Apr 03rd 2012
Ralph's GQ player/loverboy image was dated after the 1st LP
Apr 03rd 2012
Apr 03rd 2012
I still wanna know why JC Chasez didn't hit.
Apr 03rd 2012
Now that I don't get
Apr 03rd 2012
B/c he waited too long
Apr 03rd 2012
aka conspiracy of the flowing Silk Shirts.
Apr 03rd 2012
RizzWaFaire got slept on. Good album by Ralph
Apr 03rd 2012
I stan for NE...but Ralph didn't have "it"
Apr 03rd 2012
The reason why Ralph didn't blow up as a solo act because his
Apr 03rd 2012

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